December Daily – Day 20

Getting caught up slowly but surely!
This page came together really quickly because I played with Ali Edwards’ digital overlays to create my main page. I love this and may go mostly digital next year (gasp!)

Day 20:
To the back of the divider page I added the ‘snapshots’ tag, the note from the girls’ advent calendar and the SC (for Santa Claus). I wasn’t sure where else to put the note from their calendar but I quite like it here.

If you were following my DD last year you may remember that it was the first time in about 3 or 4 years that we’ve been able to get a decent picture of all the girls with Santa. Paige has been terrified of all people in costumes since a very young age. This year she showed excitement at the idea of going to see Santa so I was hopeful. But she blew me away! Not only did she sit on Santa’s lap with Marley, she had several very lengthy conversations with him!! Way to go Paige!!

As you can see, LC is again on the rocking horse. She was feeling sleepy while we were waiting in line (past her usual nap time) so came over all shy when it was finally our turn. The rocking horse was brought out for her and then she was all smiles and giggles.

Here is a great picture of Paige and Santa deep in conversation and then the group hug at the end of the visit.  Paige looks a bit stiff but she did actively participate in the hug which is huge for her.
Okay, off to shower, get last minute shopping done and prepare for Grandpa and Grandma’s arrival this afternoon. Whoot! Whoot! Bring on the parties!!

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