December Daily – Day 15

Welcome to Day 15! Half way there!!
I’ll see how it goes after Christmas Day but right now I’m thinking that next year I will only do 25 days. Maybe 26 and include New Years Eve (Hogmanay as it’s called in the “Old Country”!) This is an enjoyable project but some days I struggle to find a story to tell. Stay tuned …
Today it’s all about Paige. It was her gymnastics Holiday Jingle – the annual Christmas show put on by Delta Gymnastics. We knew it was going to be a tough night for her as she suffers severe stage fright. Getting her to the gym was the challenge (as we expected) but once she was there she relaxed, had fun with her friends and put on a great show. I am attempting to upload some videos but it is taking FOREVER!!
Day 15:

I included the program.

I wanted to write Paige a letter and knew I wanted to say more than I could fit on the page if I hand wrote it. The letter reads:
Dear Paige,

Your Dad and I are SO PROUD of you!
Tonight you conquered your fear and performed in your gymnastics Holiday Jingle. Way to go!
I was very worried when you froze in your tracks yesterday. We were on our way home from watching Marley in her Christmas Concert and I mentioned that it would be your turn to perform next. You got so scared you could hardly walk home! Tonight you didn’t want to get changed, you didn’t want to go, you only wanted to cuddle in Daddy’s arms. I was very worried you’d miss out on something I knew you’d worked hard for.
You are so nervous getting up in front of others and showing them what you can do. I understand why you are like that – your Dad and I were like that at your age too – but you are so talented. You CAN do it! You DO do it!! And do it well!!
My hope for you is that you realize you can be brave. That you realize it’s okay to show off your accomplishments. That your fears don’t prevent you from doing things you really want to do – secretly, deep inside! That as your natural abilities develop and improve, you will WANT to show others what you have learned and what you can do. We all want to see it!!
Today you shone! Today my heart swelled with pride and I have never loved you more. You did it Paige! Good job!!

On the back of the main page I printed off two pictures from the show. None of my pictures turned out that great – the video is better. It’s finally finished uploading and I’ll figure out how to link it in another post.
That’s all … got to go, the kids are destroying my craft room!
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  1. Roxy says:

    Good for Paige! She is very brave to overcome her fear like that. You’ll have to see my Day 15 page – Nolan had a class play and held his paper up in front of his face the whole time!

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