December Daily – Day 14

Okay, that didn’t take me too long. This is my second post this morning so scroll down for Day 13. Thanks!

Day Fourteen:
Since Marley was 3 years old we have been taking a child to Delta Gymnastics. They have amazing programs for kids of all ages and their competitive athletes do really well nationally. Every Christmas they put on a Holiday Jingle featuring each class doing a little routine for all the parents. We’ve been going for I think 4 years now! This year it was Christine’s turn to shine. (Neither Marley or Paige are taking gymnastics right now due to budgetary considerations!!)
Above is the Day 14 cover page which is a CD protector page cut down. In the bottom pocket I included two pictures back to back. Christine was practicing her “Hup, two, three, fours” all around the house for days!! 

And the other picture is of her doing her “ta-da!” which I added onto the back of the 14 tag. 
Darn she’s adorable!! (Christine, not the tag – LOL!)
On the other page I created a photo collage of the action.
Here are the two pages together.
And finally, 
the program. Like with the Christmas concert program, I just glued this to the page.
All right, that’s all I’ve got for today. Day 15 will have to wait I’m afraid so I’ll be going out of order for a bit. We went to have family pictures taken at a studio but they won’t be ready until next week. Once they are I’ll add them to Day 15 and post it. It has been 5 years since we had proper family pictures taken and 3 since we had any taken of the girls. We are terrible parents!!!
The girls seem to be doing well so far and I’m starting to feel better so we may get out to Abbotsford today after all! I’m so glad as I hate to miss the opportunity to get together with my family. Only Dave and Heidi and their girls won’t be there (they live in Edmonton) so it’ll be the usual, awesome chaos that comes with 10 adults and 12 kids ages 1 – 9!! Can’t wait!!

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