December Daily – Day 12

Woo hoo! I’m slowly getting caught up!!
(Second post today so scroll down for Day 11.)

Day Twelve:
I think I hinted in an earlier post that Monday was a crazy day with no real story and no pictures so I wasn’t sure what to put into this album. Then I decided to just document my day. Maybe next year, or several years from now, I’ll be interested in what went on in an average (okay, busier than average) December day.
I simply typed it up in word (using one of Ali Edwards December Daily overlays so I’d know how big to make it!) then printed it off onto card stock. Along the bottom I added some 3-D flowers and then coloured in the number 12. I may add some glitter to that …

On the back side I just made some circle embellishments. The transparency for Day 13 has images of clocks so I wanted to reference the circles here.
Okay, now off to tackle Day 13 – the Christmas Concert!

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  1. Roxy says:

    Wow, that’s a long day, sweetie! I’m exhausted just reading it, haha! Love how you have just the journaling there, and the circles look awesome!

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