December Daily – Day 12

On the heels of such creative catching up-ness that I had yesterday, I was determined to get Day 12 finished today. I was Duty Parent this morning at Paige’s preschool which usually leaves me feeling wiped out. And I could nap right now, don’t get me wrong! But I also have a totally quiet house – Greg took Paige out to buy a Christmas present for Marley and LC is fast asleep. Time to take advantage and get some scrapping “work” done!!
Laundry is next.
So, without further ado …
Day 12:

Journalling reads: “Marley attended Taylor K’s Pirate themed birthday party today. The party was at 3:00PM and as of 12:30PM she had no costume! The eye patch, hook, cutlass, ring and bandana came from the Dollar store; the pants were found at a consignment store; and the shirt, vest, belt combo was found at the Bargain Shop. Not bad for a last minute throw together!! (Oh, and Paige said she was the parrot!!)
The chocolate ring around her mouth and Starbucks drink stick hanging out of it are thanks to a family Starbucks run Marley and I did on our way home.
2 kids hot chocolate (LC doesn’t get her own yet)
1 Caramel Apple Spice for Greg
1 Reduced Fat Eggnog Latte for me.

On the back of the page I printed off a full body shot of Marley to show off her costume to it’s fullest. She spent the entire photo shoot in this pose. Saying “Arrr!!” the whole time too (so I added that onto my main page.) I think we’ve got next Hallowe’en covered!! Whoot Whoot!!
Well, I managed to get a load of wash in while the photos uploaded and now I think I will fold a load while I wait for Greg and Paige to get home. Hopefully they get back before I have to wake up LC to pick Marley up from school. I do so hate to wake her up in the afternoons!!
I’m not sure what I’m going to document for today. I didn’t take any pictures at preschool but suppose I could add in some artwork or something. Hmm … will put my thinking cap on!!
Bye for now!
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  1. Roxy says:

    Huh, what did I tell ya? Parallel lives – I’m getting caught up on laundry too! Cute costume and pages, looks like a really fun party!

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