December Daily – Day 10

Woo hoo! Day 10!! Not sure I can believe that I’m up to date right now. But … like I’ve said, this has been an amazingly quiet week for us. Next week however … oh boy. There is something on every night so … I may fall a teeny tiny bit behind (ya, like a WEEK!!)

Anyway, here’s Day Ten.

Totally not a holiday themed page but I LOVE IT!
The journalling talks about how next Saturday is going to be Christine’s last swimming lesson in the parent and tot program. (When we sign them up in the spring, she will be 3 and therefore on her own for the first time.) Greg asked if I wanted to do the lesson with her but … me in a swim suit? NOT PRETTY!!! so I decided to take some pictures of Greg and Christine instead. She’s growing up so fast!!
Ali Edwards does these fabulous pages about her kids so that was definitely my inspiration. I used one of her Technique Tuesday sets as well.

Love how simple it is and it took me all of 30 minutes to throw together (split up over party drop offs, dinner, present buying, party pick up and bedtime routines!)
Well, this morning I woke up with sore sinuses, a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Not a good omen the day before an incredibly busy week!!! Yuck! And the kids are starting to seriously harass me to decorate the tree we bought yesterday. So … I’d better sign off, stop hiding in the craft room and go and “get ‘er done!” as they say.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Roxy says:

    You know what, these are the best pages, just the everyday things! I love it, the photos are so cute, and it’s a pretty big day in her life – she’ll never be a tot again!!! Ailis is home today, she was puking all over her floor in the night, poor thing. Now I’m gearing up for all of us to get it. Hope you don’t get too sick, apparently coldFX is good. Hugs, Roxy.

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