December Daily – An Apology

It is now 9:00am on December 4th and I have completed 0 of 3 pages in my December Daily album.


I blame this head cold which has left me feeling like I am experiencing life through a thick fog. Hopefully it will pass soon and I will get crafty!

As a recap:
Dec 2nd – Thursday. Marley had school, Paige had ballet, LC tagged along! The girls opened the advent calendar to find the prompt “let’s make beaded ornaments”. I had picked up several little packs from Michaels containing those beads that you iron to melt into your desired design. I didn’t really think LC would be able to do it – I was right, she ended up trying to eat the beads! Paige and Marley had some fun though. Marley especially got very creative. I think I may include one of the ornaments into the DD album.
…when I get there!

Dec 3rd – Friday. Definitely another sick day! In fact, Greg took a sick day he was feeling so bad. I braved Toys RUs after dropping Paige at preschool. The two things I went specifically for were sold out before I got there. And I think I was there an hour after opening! Sheesh!! But I did cross off several items from the old list! After school Marley had her usual Crazy Friday with ballet from 3:30 – 4:30 and then soccer practice from 5:00 – 6:00. She was SUPER tired by the time she got home. We had pizza for dinner then made popcorn and watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (the original version) and “Shrek the Halls”.

Today we are hopefully heading out to Abbotsford for some fun with Ammee and Poppa but head colds and a sister-in-law in labour may change things. At the very least, I made pancakes this morning and took pictures of the ones I made for Marley and Paige – they were in the shape of a snowman. That can go into the DD!

Be back soon. Hope you’re all enjoying December so far!!

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  1. Roxy says:

    Wow, you sound super busy! Hope you feel better soon!

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