Day 3 – Tips for Layering

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Welcome back to the party! T-minus 28 days to the big 4-0!

You know, a lot of people really dread hitting milestones like this one, but I think throwing this party with you lot is really changing my view on the whole thing. Not that I’ve been overly dreading it. Turning 39 was worse! With 39 there was the spectre of 40 on the horizon! Now that horizon is within touching distance and it’s not so scary.

Today I have decided to start addressing some of the fantastic questions you’ve been asking. One theme seems to be how to add layers, create with layers and use those scraps from your stash. I’m definitely a stash user myself and like to layer. A lot. (Perhaps you think I do it well – humble thanks.)  But I didn’t learn how to layer on my own. I turned to better scrapbookers for help.

Today I’m directing you to a few of the greats.

First up is the one and only Shimelle Lain. She does amazing things with squares and rectangles of paper! She also does some super informative videos and it is to these that I direct you now. I invite you to explore her website and YouTube channel. Shimelle also has an alter-ego named Glitter Girl. Glitter Girl posts a new video each Wednesday over at Two Peas in a Bucket (R.I.P Two Peas). This video deals specifically with building layers.

Funnily enough, Shimelle is talking about layers this week on her blog and references this exact video! True Story!!

Two Peas in a Bucket is actually a good source in itself for helping you learn about layers. There are designers like Shimelle who specialise in using patterned papers to create fairly loose form layouts. Then there are designers like Jennifer Gallacher who uses a lot of the same products but in a much cleaner style. Her layouts are usually very structured and quite often based on some sort of grid. But that doesn’t make them boring! She adds a ton of texture with her layers! Here is her YouTube channel where she has many process videos you can watch that will help you figure out how to work with layers. The video below talks about using strips of patterned paper – perfect for those of us trying to stash bust!

And last but definitely not least (never least!!) is Lain Ehman. She has made a move away from Scrapbook Instructor to Life Coach but still has a fantastic YouTube channel (see link below) and an online store full of tutorials from various Scrapbook Greats.  In July 2013 she ran a 30 day event (30 Days of Your Q&A’s) which included a video each day. Super quick tips to YOUR every day scrapping problems. Check out her YouTube channel here.

Okay, I think that’s enough to get your started. I’ve also got another post going up today where I try to break down my own layering process on the layout I have for you. You can check that out here. Until tomorrow, have an awesome Monday and I’ll see you soon!

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