Sketch #11 – On The 25th

December 25th

There is no other day quite like Christmas Day!

On what other day of the year do your children get up before you, without moaning, and then proceed to make the unholiest of unholy messes in your living room which you not only ignore but reward with cheers, photos, and chocolate before breakfast? No wonder kids wish it were Christmas morning every morning!

Every family has different rules about present opening. Ours tried to get us to start a new tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve. Nice try girls!

What are your earliest memories of Christmas? Were you allowed to open your stockings before your parents came downstairs? We were. I think my parents knew they’d get a tiny bit more sleep if they let us have at something right away! But the presents under the tree were verboten until everyone was awake.

Last year we stayed over at my sister-in-laws and our three girls got the added excitement of opening stockings with their cousins. Who ironically are NOT early risers and were NOT impressed that our girls were up so early! Too funny! See how I take this sketch and tell the story of the cousins.

12 sketches - dec25

Sometimes the layout you end up with is very different from the one you made in your head when you were planning it all those weeks ago! Gotta roll with it, I say.

One thing that I am enjoying, as we approach the end of this class, is seeing my Christmas stash greatly reduced! Are you experiencing the same phenomenon?

On the 25th by Alison Day Design

And now it’s your turn! What does your Christmas Day look like? Be sure to share a link to your layout that uses this sketch in the comments below. And come over to my Facebook Page and tell me if you let your kids open their stockings before you get up. We can’t be the only parents that figure it’s a great way to get another 30 minutes of sleep!

Only one more layout to go!

Until then … Happy Scrapping!

PS – In an email I sent out on Christmas Eve I mentioned there would be a BONUS here. Actually I decided it would be better added to the Favourite Gifts page instead. If you missed it in the email, and missed it on the page for Layout #10, you can find it here.

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