Layout #12 – Squeeze In Everyone

Family Photo Time

Down in front!

Stop me if this sounds familiar.

The whole family is going to be together. Parents, siblings, spouses, children … everyone. What’s the first thing that pops into mind? Take a family photo! So you fire emails back and forth to colour coordinate. You make sure all your children take a bath the night before. Everyone is excited to see Grandma and Grandpa and all their cousins. It’s going to work!

And then disaster!

Someone bumps their head and is inconsolable. Someone else spills cranberry juice all down the front of their white shirt. The littlest grandchild fills his diaper just as everyone gets into position. The battery dies in the camera. Your middle daughter decides that taking a family photo is just not on her agenda today thank you very much!

That last one has happened to us on more than one occasion!

What do you do? We adopted the “keep going no matter what” strategy with some pretty funny results!

Day/Nielsen's circa 2009

Yes, that is our middle one trying to escape my husbands arms and our youngest whose shirt is soaked with drool! Fun times!

In the last video of this class, I take another fun photo of the same group of people, plus another cousin and his family, and create a layout from start to finish using this sketch.

12 sketches - family photo

Remember, messy stack! Keep your papers slightly off 90 degrees for a less formal look. Great with a crazy photo like I used.

Squeeze in Everyone by Alison Day Designs

Now that middle daughter loves to lay down in front and pose like an 80’s swimsuit model! I don’t know where she gets it from!

As a BONUS for you, I prepared a special tip sheet to help you keep track of what photos need to be taken each year. I know I’m bad about taking photos with me in them, so this list should help with that.

Your turn! Make a layout using this sketch to document what your family looks like right now.  Share a link with us in the comments below or better yet, share a photo over on my Facebook Page! Can you top my grumpy three year old in the photo above? I bet we’d all love to see that!

And with that, this class is over. Thank you SO much for participating and putting up with my delayed time line for completion. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter list if you haven’t done so already. You’ll receive a weekly recap of what you may have missed on my blog, as well as special emails from me with notifications of new classes or new free content. I have a secret page where I load up free downloads for my besties like you!

Don’t forget to email me with any questions, concerns or suggestions –

Happy 2016! May all your scrapping goals come true!


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