Channeling My Inner Shimelle

It is July 10 and I have exactly one completed layout from my June Gossamer Blue kit. I need to complete 3 more by July 14th to fulfill the requirements for the monthly album challenge. But I’m stuck!

Totally, completely, frozen (and not in a Disney way!)

But I remembered a little workshop I took as part of True Scrap 3 called The Perfect Collection by Shimelle Lain and I decided to pull up my big girl panties and cut those papers!

Here’s a little video I created documenting the process. Have a watch then I’ll show you the 3 starting point pages I have got to work with now.

Pardon the quality of these next photos. It’s now late and I do not have a fancy light box so I just took stills from the video. 🙂

Getting Un-Stuck by Alison Day

The first one used a full page of teal ombre polka dot paper by Traci Reed for Gossamer Blue plus a 6″ x 11″ piece of camera print from Chic Tags and a matching sized piece of the vanilla card stock. The L shape these two pieces of paper create provides several options for photo and journaling placement which is fantastic.

Getting Un-Stuck by Alison Day-001

This next one used two full sheets of patterned paper … almost. If you’ll remember, I cut an 8″ square hole from the middle of the bottom paper. This paper was one of my “problem” papers so I am ecstatic to have managed to use it so easily. This starting point is a blank canvas still. I can add more papers on top or just start adding my photos, embellishments and journaling. Love to keep my options open like this!

Getting Un-Stuck by Alison Day-002

And this last one is destined for some Canada Day photos so I used the red patterned paper to accent the red in the flowers on the back ground paper. It’s still basically a blank canvass also. Right now I can see adding a dark border strip along the top edge of the red paper but we’ll see where the creative juices take me tomorrow when I plan to finish these.

Well, what do you think? Do you do something like this when you get stuck? If you’ve never tried creating starting points like this with no real plan in mind, I encourage you give it a go. It totally works!! Pop over to my Facebook page and share with us your favourite way to get un-stuck in the scrap room.

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