Challenge Accepted!

Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? Did you see what I did there with the title?

Just having a bit of fun with you. 🙂

But in all seriousness, if you saw my post over at Practical Scrappers then you already know the challenge I laid out for myself and hopefully you already saw the video I made. This post is just to show you more details of my layouts. Oh, and to share the changes I made to one of the layouts that was bothering me.

Here is the sheet of stickers I started with (a few were already missing but not many).

bella blvd plastino stickers

And here are the layouts I made using these stickers.

Layout #1


My only single photo layout of the bunch. Sometimes you just have to highlight a super cute photo of one of your kids, no?

Just to recap what I said over at Practical Scrappers, after filming I added all the detail you see at the top of the page. It was looking a bit unfinished and I finally figured out why. Your eye wanted to fly off the top of the page so all the elements I added there help bring your eye back to the photo.

IMG_8384 IMG_8386

It also gave me an opportunity to add another sticker from the sheet as well as 3 brads (the centre of the flower has a fuzzy yellow brad in it).

IMG_8388 IMG_8390

On this layout there are a total of 7 stickers from the sheet. That’s what I can busting your stash!!

Layout #2


This is how I left it for the post over at Practical Scrappers … however, when I was putting the layouts away today, I decided to do something about the areas that were bothering me. Namely, the top right corner above the title and the lower left corner under the journaling spot. So I added some ribbon, elastic thread and jewels and here is what it looks like now.


They are subtle changes but I am SO much happier with the layout now. I think the two “problem” spots were experiencing similar issues to the first layout. Your eye needed a visual cue to know to stop. To not fly off the page but to head back and find more to look at. The horizontal lines of the ribbons provide this.

IMG_8446 IMG_8443

Here are close ups of those two areas.

IMG_8441 IMG_8445

My other change was to add some heart shaped jewels in a couple spots and 3 blue photo corner stickers. Now that one brad under the title has some company and the journaling tag area got a bit dressed up too. I love how added small details make such a big difference! If you’re keeping track, this layout has 7 stickers on it so we are up to 14 now.

Layout #3


I think I mentioned (a couple times) that I hardly ever use purple in my projects. I don’t know why. I like purple. My girls like purple. But somehow it is not a colour I’m naturally drawn to. Pink on the other hand … 🙂

For these pictures though I decided to play up on that purple blanket in the photos and pull out what few purple supplies I have in my stash. This one has not changed … yet. While writing I am struck with the idea to add a white painted or inked border around the edge of the card stock … what do you think? Should I?

IMG_8419 IMG_8421

Here you can see some of my details. The yellow doily was cut from another piece of patterned paper in my stash and then I cut it in half so I could use it in two places on the layout. Do we count each letter of the title as a separate sticker from the sheet? That may be cheating somewhat!! The other round letter stickers are also Bella Blvd but a different collection. But hey, more stash busting!! I’m pretty happy about that!

IMG_8423 IMG_8425

I love how Shimelle journals directly onto her papers even if they have a bit of a busy pattern so this is definitely inspired by her style. Here it actually helps fill in the expansse of purple paper and bring the title elements into the lower cluster for better cohesiveness. On this layout I used 3 stickers plus that title sticker which we can either count as one or 7 … your choice. Personally, saying I used 10 stickers on this layout makes me super happy!

Layout #4


This one may actually be my favourite and I think it’s because of all those circles. That wasn’t a design direction I thought I’d take when I started this layout. Sometimes these things just happen and they are good!

IMG_8432 IMG_8436

There are a total of 5 stickers on this layout which brings our grand total to … 29 stickers used! Whoot! Whoot! Oh, and yes, there were 5 layouts created in the video … that 5th layout will be showing up here on Saturday and it has another 5 stickers on it. 34 stickers used in one sitting?! I call that Challenge Completed! I have another 10 sitting on my desk to be worked into more projects in the future. There may be a card or two wanting to be made I think!

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