Challenge Accepted! Committing to Creating a Layout a Day in February

Does this sound like you? You’ve got a room full of scrapbook supplies, more “on the go” projects than you can possibly finish in one lifetime, and no time/motivation to create? You’ve dabbled and pushed supplies around your desk, you may even have created a layout or two, but the mountain of memories to document just keeps getting bigger?

Two big arms raised and waving right here!!

Well, I’ve got the perfect solution to kick your Scrappy Butt in gear!

LOAD218 banner

I belong to THE greatest online community EVER – ScrapHappy. Three times a year we participate in a challenge where the goal is to create one layout every day for a month. If you’ve never done this before then let me tell you, February is the best month to get your feet wet because there are only 28 (sometimes 29) days in the month! LOL!

I was on a video chat with Alice Boll – our fearless leader of ScrapHappy and owner of Scrapbook Wonderland – just a little bit ago where we were talking about the One Little Word Challenge. We were sharing our words for this year and whether or not we’d participated in the workshop in the past. I had. In 2011 and 2012 (Ali Edwards runs it and it’s amazing) I followed along with Ali’s monthly prompts and created some pretty neat pages. As I was flipping through my album I came across this photo.

Close up of LOAD212 layouts

This is all the layouts I made during that LOAD. It was 2012 so I believe there are 29 layouts here! A stack like this makes me so happy!

Here’s another view.

LOAD212 layouts by Alison Day

During LOAD you are given a different prompt every day. The prompts vary. Sometimes they are story prompts, and sometimes they are technique or product prompts. There’s nothing saying you have to follow the prompts (no Scrapbook Police, remember) but I must admit, that I have created some of my favourite layouts by following the prompts. They can take me down a path to document things I never thought I’d document! But that’s half the fun. Like this one from LOAD516 (that’s LOAD-speak for May 2016 in case you were wondering!)

LOAD516-1 This is Real Life

A day in my life. Crazy right? Who would ever have thought I’d need to document my coffee cup or my morning bagel? But I LOVE this layout!

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this post today is to declare my intention of creating a huge stack of layouts this February! Yep. I’ve said it. It’s a matter of public record now so I must follow through. LOL!

You’ll keep me accountable, right?

Want to join me? Click on the photo at the top of this post, or the link in my side bar or right here to sign up. Want to save some money? Head on over to Alice’s Instagram account and view her current story. She’s sharing a few of her most impactful layouts from past LOAD challenges. (The story about her son is so sweet!!) Use the code INSTAGRAM15 to save $15. The code is good til the end of January. If you sign up through my link I do get a little commission which helps me bring you posts so I thank you!

And I hope to see you there!

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