C’est Magnifique sketch challenge

A couple days ago I created the following layout for a “new to me” blog – C’est Magnifique. Here is the sketch they gave and my interpretation of it.

Lain’s prompt for Day 21 was “My Hometown”. Anyone who knows me knows that I moved around A LOT as a kid (literally all over the world!) so pinning down a hometown is a bit difficult. Before now, I probably spent the most time in Prince George but while there I lived in 3 different houses. Currently, Greg and I have lived in Ladner, BC for about 9 years – the longest stretch I’ve ever lived anywhere! So I could have scrapped about any of those places. But … I had come across the picture at the top left of this page earlier this month and I knew this was the story to tell for this prompt. 
The journalling kind of tells it all so here it is: “The story goes that wen I was 2 weeks old my parents dragged me, my brother (3 1/2 at the time) and my Aunt Jean “house hunting” in a little village near Cambridge called Bar Hill. This was the house. We lived in this house whenever we were in the country – in between trips to Indonesia and Iran – up to the time we immigrated to Canada. I have many houses that I think of as “home” but this was the first and still holds the dearest spot on my heart. In 1985 we visited friends in Bar Hill and went to see the “old house”. I took the picture above that has my Dad in it. In 2004 when Greg and I brought Marley to meet the British relatives, we again went to see the “old house”. I hope that we can visit it again the next time we’re in Britain – whenever that is!”

The title is the address of the house. The street, that is. When I figure out which number it was, I will add it on but right now I can’t remember that detail.
This layout is also for my Apron Strings Bake Your Cake challenge – I used lots of stickers (fruit filling) on this layout, mostly of the word variety but the quilled butterfly – which is also my Twelve embellishment – is a sticker too. Here is a close up of that.

Another close up of the stickers. This time a journalling spot, a heart and an expression tab.

I had a lot of journalling and didn’t want it to overtake the layout by being a huge white rectangle on the bottom of the page. So I cut it up into strips to lighten its visual weight.
Well that’s it! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve got a birthday party to get ready for today so will probably get even further behind on my LOAD layouts! Oh well. I would dearly love to accomplish the 29 layouts in 29 days goal but since I am currently at 22 done so far this month, I think I’m doing pretty well! Have a great weekend everyone.

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2 Responses to C’est Magnifique sketch challenge

  1. Valerie says:

    Hi Alison. We’re so excited that you found us at C’est Magnifique! We have a new sketch each month and will be posting the March sketch soon.

  2. Lori says:

    What a great layout. I love what LOAD212 explored. I should have joined, but I knew Feb. was going to be hellacious for time. . .it’s awesome to explore all that stuff.

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