Celebrate With Me

Some of you may have seen a new – slightly goofy … okay, very goofy – photo of me in my side bar. Consider this your official invitation to celebrate my 40th birthday with me!

I will be counting down the last 30 days of my 30’s right here on the blog with PRIZES, FREE DOWNLOADS, TIPS, TECHNIQUES, VIDEOS and much, much, more. Some of my good friends are helping me celebrate with coupon codes and free graphics for you. It is very exciting!!

To join in the fun simply click on my goofy face and sign up for my NEW mailing list. You’ll receive a link to a secret page where all the free downloads will be posted. Right now there is a PDF sharing my Top Ten Tips for Finishing a Project, but once the fun starts, more files will be added.

Everything gets going on August 31st and will last the whole month of September.

Sign up to join in!

See you then!!

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6 Responses to Celebrate With Me

  1. Aurela Edgson says:

    Cannot wait to party with you!! 40 is great!!

  2. Jackie Edwards says:

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!! And remember….you are 18 with 22 years experience!!! Have a good day!!

  3. Wendi R says:

    ohhhh happy 40th!!! that is my bday next year!!!! ACK!!

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