Cards for the PAC

Remember I said I got to do some scrapping with friends this past weekend? Well, it was a blast! And I actually got a lot accomplished. I took a lot of ribbing for how quiet I was! To be honest, it was just nice to be with a group of like minded women and to have the time and resources to be crafty. With no kids to bug me every 5 minutes!! I was happy to just put my head down, get on with my projects and let the conversations wash over me. This particular group of women have been cropping together for awhile so the stories and projects were fun to listen to/see. Participation not necessarily required!

Listen to me wax all philosophical!!!

Onto the cards!!

My mandate was 12 cards which became 2 of each design – 6 designs total. We were working on two lots for the silent auction for our upcoming PAC dance/fundraiser at the beginning of March. Jenn found these two cute lunch boxes that we are using to hold the cards. Here are my cards and one of the lunch boxes:

 A female birthday card.

A male birthday card.

A Mother’s Day card (inside it just simply says “Celebrate Mother” – or something like that!)

A Thank You card.

A girly baby card.

A boy baby card.

The final Lot. The other lunch box is green.

And here are some of the Crazy Cropping Crew (I’m sure they won’t mind the new title!) As you can see, there were martinis! A little alcohol most definitely helps you scrap!!
Thanks for letting me horn in on your crop ladies!
Until next time …
Oh, and in case you think that all I did in the 9 hours I was there was 6 cards, I also got Marley’s Valentines Day surprise done. But pictures of that will have to wait!!
LC just woke up so I’d better post this and go get her.
See ya!
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  1. Roxy says:

    This looks like a fun crew! I mean, martinis!!! Woohoo! I love your first card, that’s my favourite, but I love the whole concept, too, especially using the lunch box. Very neat idea!

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