Card Packets

Alright, as promised a LOOONG time ago, here are pics of the little project I did for my two Aunties. They are little packets containing 6 cards.
Cute, no?
I was trying to think of what to get for my Aunts and came across a picture in a scrapping mag of a package of homemade cards. Now, I have been trying to stay away from card making to focus on getting my girls baby albums done but I know my Aunts like to write and send cards so I took the plunge! It was fun and I can see myself doing more cards in the future but I will still focus on the layouts for now.
I took a piece of plain cardstock, figured out the dimensions, made the neccessary folds and then adhered a piece of (cut to size) patterned paper to it. the pictures don’t show it very well, but the inside folded over flap has also been attacked with a border punch. the edges were kind of raw looking so I got some coordinating grosgrain ribbon (at my new favourite scrapbook store in Surrey – Scrapbook City!!) and glued it around the edges. I also glued it around the middle to create the closure.
The pictures above and below show the cards that I included inside. They literally took me minutes to do! I have so many scraps of paper leftover from my Honeymoon Album and the few pages I’ve managed to do for Marley’s album that this seemed like the perfect project to use some of them up. I’m usually not very good at abstract designs – I LOVE order and symmetry!! – but I think I managed to be a bit “free” with a few of the cards.
Well, there you go. My first foray into card making. I’m pretty happy with the results. My friend Sandra (Stamper on the Shore) gave me a little pack of cards she made as a hostess gift last night and they are AWESOME! And in their own little gift bag thing. SO very cute. Make my little effort pale in comparison but it also gives me something to strive for!
Thanks for looking. Hope you’re all having a very good Christmas!!
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  1. very cute – great job Alison!

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