Buried Treasure

What happens when you uncover a kit of scraps along with a colour scheme that you can barely remember putting together?

You do a happy dance, and use it as your Kit #3 for Clear the Desk!

I was wondering what I’d do for this part of the class as I no longer subscribe to a kit cub and any kits I received in the past have long since been split up and put into my stash. And then I found five bags full of paper scraps with five colour schemes and I knew I could use them! I also knew I’d put these kits together for a previous class over with Shimelle but couldn’t remember which one. After a bit of research (okay, a lot of Shimelle video watching) I found my answer. They were part of her process towards the end of her The 20 Project class.

I’ve included a link to it as even though it’s 2 years old, the content is still available, timely, and worth the money! And no, that’s not an affiliate link. I just highly endorse anything she puts out!

Okay, that’s enough intro for you. Watch this video to hear the rest of the story.

Layout #21 – First Time @ Stonehenge

The beauty of an analogous colour scheme is how harmoniously they work!

There’s not a lot of high contrast in this layout. The cream blends into the yellow which slowly becomes blue with the addition of green. Having photos with both sky and grass aid in that process too.

Clear the Desk #21 - First Time @ Stonehenge by Alison Day

And for my #the20project prompt I pulled “use embossing folders on a layout” and I love the subtle texture they give. I have no trouble using embossing folders on cards – although I do tend to forget about them there too – but layouts are another story all together. I think it’s because you need to be more purposeful with planning how to use them on a larger canvas. If I’d remember to pull my prompt before putting half of the layout together, I might have gone in a very different direction. But I didn’t. I did gravitate towards those corrugated alphas though because it’s almost like they’ve been run though an embossing folder too!

Okay, one layout with this kit down and 4 more kits to go! Also, this was the 6th prompt I’ve pulled out of my jar so there are still 14 more!

If you’d like to see more from my own The 20 Project, you can see all the videos on YouTube in this playlist. And you can read about them in the following blog posts:

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That’s all I have for you today. Stay tuned for more Clear the Desk layouts using The 20 Project prompts …

This is going to be so much fun!

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