Blanket-gate 2014

When I was growing up in England I had a teeny tiny bedroom that I shared with my brother until I was about 6. It had a set of bunk beds – old school ones with the metal bed springs I used to push on at night to bug my brother – and a giant wardrobe. I used to love to hang blankets all around my bed and pretend I was in a cave or a castle or just about anywhere my imagination could take me.

I don’t remember taking down all my blankets into the living room to create a room sized fort. That sort of thing just wasn’t done.

Blanket Fort

Apparently I don’t seem to have the same qualms as my Mum did.

Of course, considering the outcome of this particular blanket city, maybe she was onto something!

It was a rainy day with no plans so … they needed to keep busy and away from the TV, right.

I saw the blankets and pillows coming downstairs and said nothing.

I heard the desperate cries of the 10 year old Perfectionist trying to keep the 5 year old Destructor in line and said nothing.

I did intervene slightly when the 8 year old Sensitive had her feelings hurt by the 10 year old Perfectionist Bossy Pants over whose room in the fort was whose. But that mostly involved an acerbic “I don’t care a fig about your fort but I do care when you girls aren’t nice to one another and it ends in tears” sort of speech.


After an hour and a half away running errands they returned to Blankettown with renewed fervor. And testiness.

Miss Bossy Pants spent the next 30 minutes trying to keep Miss I’m-5-and-know-you’re-not-the-boss-of-me from tearing down the fort as quickly as she could repair it, while Miss Whee-this-is-fun chased Miss I’m-5-and-know-you’re-not-the-boss-of-me through said fort which completed negated the efforts of Miss Bossy Pants to fix it.

Oh yeah. That’s life with 3 girls I guess.

Now they are all enjoying a trip down memory lane a.k.a. “quiet time” in their respective rooms. They act like preschoolers, I’ll treat them like preschoolers!

Days like today need to end with a nice glass of wine. Mine will have to wait until after my work shift tonight.

Crack a cold one for me, okay?



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