Birthday Season – Round 1 Part 3

It’s been a couple weeks since the mayhem that was Marley’s 11th Hawaiian Birthday party. I think I’ve recovered! 16 girls on one house is very loud!!

To continue with the theme of the party – and because I had a ton of flowers left over – I created a little picture frame for the group shot I took during the party. Marley used the back to write a personal thank you note to each of her guests.

Marley's Hawaiian Thank You Photo Gift

Included in each goody bag (and also what prompted the idea in the first place) were these cute little place card holders I found at Pier1 Imports in their Clearance section.

Flip Flop place card holders from Pier1

They came in 4 different colours. Cute, right?

This is what it looks like all together.

Marley's Thank You photo on Flip Flop holder

Now that Marley’s birthday is officially celebrated and over with I can turn my attention to the next one … sigh.

Come back tomorrow for more birthday ideas.

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