Apron Strings Day #7

As per usual I am running a few days behind (I just saw that Lori has posted Day #9’s challenge!) But … where was I? Day #7 was a colour scheme challenge using older papers. Check out the colours …

Pretty bright, huh?
But I wasn’t worried for a second because I knew that the papers I have been using all along for Paige’s baby album (and Marley’s before) has this exact colour scheme. Awesome, right? Talk about fate! I grabbed some pictures I’d printed a couple weeks ago, which also happened to have the pink and green in them, used the sketch Lori had given us on Day 6 and came up with this.

Smiles & More
Some close ups. 
Weren’t they cute? Marley at 2 1/2 and Paige at 3 months old. Awww!!!

For the title (something I laboured over – do you ever do that?) I eventually used a 0 to circle one of the words on my paper and added the rest of the title beneath it. This particular pattern from the stack is my all time favourite!
To make the flower I cut out some flower shapes in my Cricut in a couple of different patterned papers then roughed up the edges before inking them. I wanted a real 3-dimensional look to the flower so I sprayed each layer with unshaken Pearl Glimmer Mist (so it was really mostly water) then immediately scrunched the paper while it was still wet and pliable. Once it dried it stayed all curled up. I added the button and then decided to add them to the other side of the layout too (see below).

The brackets were also cut out with my Cricut.

And here are those other buttons I was talking about. I sewed one onto each little dress.
All right, one more down.
For Day 8 were are to try a new technique so I’m going to attempt to make a flower like this one by Kailyn Siebert.
This one is made with crepe paper which I don’t have any of but I do have some fabric paper stuff which I thought might work. So far it’s not going very well though. Grr! Wish me luck!
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  1. Lori says:

    I love what you did with the title – would have never thought of that!

    As for the flower, I hope you did well. Guess I’ll see. 😉

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