Apron Strings Challenges & the Start of Paige’s Album

Today marks the last day to enter the Apron Strings Birthday Party Challenges. I have been crafting like a crazy woman the past few days to get these done. I think I will just squeak in under the wire!!
Last week I combined all the challenges onto one layout. This week I tried to do each challenge on a different project. I almost succeeded but ended up combining two onto one layout.

First up, Day #19 – create a layout using multiple photos (6 or more) with none larger than 4×6″. I combined this with Day #20 – create a whimsical layout and don’t take longer than 60 minutes to complete it. I completely failed with the time limit (I actually forgot about that part until I was checking my list to make sure I’d hit them all!) but here it is for your perusal.

This also coincides with the official start of Paige’s Baby Album. Something she has been bugging me to do for ages! Now that I’ve finished the Maui album I feel ready to tackle this project. So, scrapping friends, expect a lot of baby themed pages featuring a thinner, younger me! Sigh!

My whimsy came out in the form of some painting, some misting, some cute cut outs and some buttons with bows.  

When I saw this stork (on one of my friend’s Cricut cartridges) I had to use it! I know I’ve mostly hidden it behind her name but I still like it!
Okay, so next was Day #21 – use whatever’s out and on your scrap table. I kind of cheated here and did this one last! Apart from the plum cardstock and the black paint, everything was out. I meant to take a picture of my drafting table before I started, to prove it, but forgot. Sorry!

Next up, Day #22 – scrap something you are thankful for.  This came easily but is not a layout. When I sat down to do this one I had just brought LC back from the hospital. I confess that I dislocated her elbow in an attempt to remove her against her (overwhelmingly strong – wonder who she gets that from?) will from the office. I pulled on her hand, she pulled back and then dropped and I heard (and felt) a nasty popping sound. She cried a lot and then fell asleep so I wasn’t totally sure if I’d really done anything horrible. Until she woke up crying and not using her left arm at all. So, off to the local hospital we went where a very kind (and tired looking – I wonder if he was pulling a double shift?) doctor gently twisted and bent her arm up. She cried again but about 2 minutes later ran over to the toys in the waiting room, hauled herself up on the chair using both arms and started pulling all the books out of the basket.  All better!
To say I was relieved is such an understatement! My sick feeling stayed with me for the rest of the day though and I was extra nice to her!! Cookies? Sure. More juice? Absolutely!!
So I made this to remind myself always.
I don’t ever want to forget how fragile my kids are. How much bigger I am and how a seemingly innocent power struggle can do real damage. And not the “I’ll be paying my shrink for this when I’m all grown up” kind of damage! Although, that may factor in too!!
I also want to remember the bigger hands than mine that are looking out for my kids too!
Last but not least is Day #23 – Use one of the given photos as inspiration. 
Here is one of the photos:
And here is my layout.
I was inspired by the strong horizontal lines and the large fonts. I also tried to create the feeling of a frame by drawing all around my elements.
Okay, there you have it. Thanks for checking these out!

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4 Responses to Apron Strings Challenges & the Start of Paige’s Album

  1. 7across2 says:

    Beautiful girl!!I really like the reminder to be thankful to God. What a great idea. (Can I steal it??) Also the heart design behind ‘It’s a girl’ looks really good.

  2. Briel says:

    You have done so much! Great work, and thanks for sharing everything. I, too, will be sad to have the challenges behind me, but I’m sure that Lori will cook up something great soon. Thanks for your honesty in sharing your story. We have to know that we are all fallible and make mistakes. The important thing is to learn and move forward and FORGIVE ourselves.

  3. Francine says:

    These are beautiful. I especially love the painting and misting on Paige’s layout, and the clean lines on the last one. Well done!

  4. Lori says:

    Wow – I don’t know where to start! So much great stuff here. First, hurray you’ve finished one and started a baby book – my 2 y.o. doesn’t have a book, let alone a page he actually appears on! I think it’s hard to start those special albums because you want them to be good, so go you for just getting started!!!

    You did great and I look forward to seeing more work – baby work – from you!!

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