Anything to Make It Easier – Customized Chore Charts

minion choresWhy, oh why, is such a chore to get your kids to DO their chores?

The nagging, the constant reminders, the yelling … by the time they actually emerge from the abyss (a.k.a. their bedroom) to state that it’s clean, you’re ready for a double crantini, hold the cranberry juice. Am I right?

As a mother I am always looking for new ways to make it easier on all of us. As a crafter I have the tools and the supplies to make it fun. (Let’s face it, I’ve got the supplies to help the entire planet at this point!)

So that’s what I’m doing!Today I present, a customized, personalized, totally fun, CHORE CHART!

Personalized Chore Chart by Alison Day Designs

Funny story: I had this hanging on my Scrap Cave door to take photos of it when my eldest came home from basketball. She thought it was a hint to her or something!

“Mom, since there’s only three checks for ‘dinner dishes’ does that mean those are the days I’m supposed to do them?”

“Mom, do I have to sweep the kitchen every day?!”

Ah, yes my darling. Yes to it all!

But that brings up a good point. How do you use this?

1. Check off the days that the assigned chores have been completed.

Chore chart - checked off by Alison Day Designs

The chores down the left are attached with Velcro so you can adjust them weekly depending on your needs. Each week your kids get assigned (or choose their own) chores to do and then simply checks them off when they do them. By the end of the week their chart should be filled with check marks. Except in the case of chores like ‘clean their room’ and ‘vacuum’ which I’m going to assume you’re not going to force them to do everyday. But hey, no judgements! If that’s your thing then more power to you!

2. Circle the days you expect them to complete the chore.

Chore chart circled by Alison Day Designs

The chores are assigned as above, only this time you are clearly stating your desired outcomes. By the end of the week each circle should have a check in it.

But what about rewards/consequences?

That’s up to you. In our family the chores each child is assigned are a) dependent on age and ability, and b) part of being in the family and as such not subject to any external reward system. There are consequences for NOT doing your chores though. Loss of tech privileges or social time with friends for example. And there are rewards for doing extra chores on their own accord (raking the leaves without being asked) or going above and beyond with their assigned chores (mopping the kitchen floor after sweeping it).

Where can I get one?

From my Etsy Store. I will personalize it for your child and your chore needs.

For $20 plus shipping, you will get:
9″ x 11.5″, framed chore chart.
Frame colour and pattern of your choice.
Chore chart in colour to compliment frame.
Displaying: either colour coordinating ribbon to hang up the chart OR strong magnets on the back if you request.
Dry Erase marker.
Your child’s name on the top of the chart in complimenting colours.
Velcro attached chores customized to your needs.
Additional embellishments or decorations as requested.

With the vast array of patterned paper out there (most of it residing in my Scrap Cave I think!) I can make it in any colour, pattern, or theme you’d like. Just ask!

What if I want to make it myself?

Totally got you covered!

For my email subscribers, you’ll find the chart part of it on the download page so you can make your own. I’m going to keep how I made it proprietary but I’m sure you can figure something out on your own. You’re craft like that, right?

That’s all for today. Have a fun weekend everyone! The sun is shining today and I get to help a friend build furniture for a Syrian family who should be arriving in our little town soon. It’s going to be a great day!



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