Another Pinterest Inspired Project for Practical Scrappers

Today over at Practical Scrappers, we are sharing some projects inspired by posts seen on Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest? If so I would love to connect with you there. Here’s  a link to my boards, you can leave yours in the comments section.

Pinterest has become a fantastic way to gather images that inspire you and share your own projects and products in the hopes of inspiring others. I admit to losing myself a little bit when looking for said inspiration! Things like a 15 minute time limit are excellent tools to remember when surfing the internet!

For today’s post I created an art journal page. I’ve been horribly negligent of my 365 to 40 Art Journal!! With my 40th birthday now only 2.5 months away … I’d better get cracking!! Here’s my page.

Find Your Wings and Fly art journal page

This was my inspiration (click on the photo to be taken to the original post).

I loved both the colours used and the painting that the colours were pulled from. I thought the painting would make a great background texture for an art journal page but you could also use this as a background for a layout or card. That would look awesome!!

matching Gelatos to colour combo

To get started I printed off my inspiration piece and searched in my Gelato stash for matching colours. The gold one on the far right was a design choice. I hoped it would add a bit of shimmer to the page instead of going with a flat yellow.

art journal page starting point - Gelato scribbles

The next step was simple to scribble all over my page with my Gelato’s – following as best I could the colour placement in the inspiration piece.

water brush

I knew I needed to blend the colours to get the soft look from the original painting. Instead of using a paint brush and cup of water, I pulled out a water brush (from my Stampin’ Up days), filled the handle and got busy.

art journal page after water brushing

It wasn’t giving me the soft blended look I was trying to achieve so I spritzed it with a bit of water to see if that would help.

art journal page spritzed with water and running

I admit that at this point it looked nothing like the inspiration piece and I was a tiny bit disheartened but … not to worry! I found a fix!!

using a paper towel to soak up the excess paint

I wondered what would happen if I dabbed at the page with a piece of paper towel. Voila! The soft blended look I had been trying to achieve revealed itself!

I love to watch Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday videos and she will sometimes try something new to her, not knowing how it will look and when it does work – usually better than she’d hoped – she lets out this giddy laugh. It’s so much fun to listen to! Anyway, I think I may have let out one of those myself a couple times while creating this page. Once here when the paper towel magically gave me the look I’d be going for, and another later when I accidentally stamped an image on the page that I wasn’t intending to use but loved it so much I added it all over the page. Those would be all the polka dots I’m talking about!! 🙂

close up of 'FLY' with butterfly wings and paint splatters

Here is a close up of the word ‘FLY’. I used a Post-it note to cover half of the butterfly stamp at a time so I could get just one wing on each side of the word.

close up of stamping detail and punched vellum butterflies

I did more stamping – love how it’s all imperfect! I also punched some small butterflies out of some Crate Paper vellum to add more colour, texture and whimsy.

The last thing I did was splatter the page with some watered down white acrylic paint. I keep it in an old Mister Huey bottle and decided to try spraying it on the page this time instead of shaking it from the nozzle. It was totally messy and I did use my paper towel to soak up some of the excess but I love the added texture.

Here’s another look at the page.

Find Your Wings and Fly art journal page

Thanks for stopping by today. Be sure to check out the other Pinterest Inspired projects at Practical Scrappers and then leave me a comment with your Pinterest user name so we can connect and inspire each other. Now I’ve got a more mundane canvas to paint – my middle daughter’s bedroom! She has chosen a very vivid blue … hope she likes it!!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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4 Responses to Another Pinterest Inspired Project for Practical Scrappers

  1. Roxy says:

    Okay, you’re not going to believe this, but I just brought out my SMASH book last night to stick some things in! Crazy, crazy!!! My page is nothing like this, though – this is incredible! I love the tutorial style of your post, too. To be honest, I didn’t really know what to do with the Gelatos – I only have black and white, but they’re pretty cheap, I should buy some more. This ended up looking soooooooo cool, and VERY close to your inspiration photo! I even like the look of the darker colours dripping down the page!!! Anyway, I’m going to pin this on my Smash Book pinterest board, and let’s see how many repins I get! Hugs to you, Roxy.

    • daydesigns says:

      LOL! Why am I surprised that our lives are again running parallel!! Hope you share your SMASH page with us. 🙂 Oh, and I have done projects with the drippy look using my Gelatos – if you’re looking for tutorial vids go to the Faber Castel site, they have a ton!
      Good to hear from you! {{hugs}}

  2. Alison, this turned out great! Love the color inspiration you started with. I invite you to come share your page over at the Artful Adventures Facebook Group!

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