And Now For Something Completely Different

If you’ve watched this video then you heard me complain of my lighting and camera set up in my new Scrap Cave. Well, I have fixed it!


How to Make a Hanging Lamp starting place by Alison Day Designs

Back when I used to work for Pier1 Imports, we had several lamp shades (some with harp and finial, most without) in our stock room basically gathering dust and getting in our way. Our Assistant Store Manager got on a bit of a Spring Cleaning kick and decided it was time to get rid of all the lamp shades.

Being the crafty sort that I am I thought I could decorate them a bit and possibly sell them, so I scooped them up for a steal!

Well … that hasn’t happened yet. Mostly because I completely forgot they were in the garage! But as I was trying to figure out how to inexpensively solve my lighting issues – preferably with some sort of cute hanging fixture – a light bulb went off (pun intended)! I remembered that I already had a shade. Adding a hanging light kit couldn’t be that hard, right?

My local hardware store didn’t have what I needed but a trip to Home Depot struck gold. In the form of a kit – complete with ceiling hooks – and a light bulb that promises daylight spectrum light. Yay!

I often comment that I’m the one that had all the power tools when my husband and I got together. Sometimes you have to put your drill where your mouth is!

Here’s the finished result.

New Hanging Lamp in situ by Alison Day Designs

Full disclosure: I’ve never used the type of ceiling anchors that were in the kit so the one directly over my light is … well, it needs to be fixed. Put that task on my list then! When I have the lamp down (to replace that hook) I think I need to “pretty” it up a bit. What do you think? A bit of ribbon. Maybe a fabric flower. I think it would go along way.

But for now I am loving that I can reach up, click on my light, AND film a video using the stand you see at the left edge of the photo.


Thanks for letting me thump my chest! Have a great day!

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