Adventures In Die Cutting!

Make it Monday - pink Welcome to another Make it Monday!

How was your weekend? We had our eldest daughter’s birthday party and  … I think I may need another few days to recover! You’d think half a dozen 11 and 12 year old girls would be manageable, right? Didn’t factor in the noise. Next time, ear plugs!

Today you may be arriving from Karen’s site where she is showing how to create and save your own embellishments to use over and over again in Forever Artisan. It’s just the two of us today – unless some other ladies join up at the last minute. If that happens I’ll add their links at the end of this post, otherwise enjoy the briefer than normal blog circle today! Guess it just means more time to create something, right?

I am currently participating in LOAD (LayOut A Day for anyone who doesn’t know the vernacular) and have been having fun using my stash and only my stash. Okay, I may have cheated a tiny bit one day by specifically purchasing one new supply for a challenge over at Shimelle’s site, but other than that, only stash items have been going on my layouts. Promise! One thing that I seem to still have a lot of are die cuts. Pre-made ones that come in a pack, and ones I’ve made myself with my Silhouette or Big Shot intending to use but somehow they ended up on the cutting room floor (so to speak). Today I share how I finally put them to use.

Oh, and I made a video for you. It’s longer than normal so how about we just get to it!

I talked about my inspiration and I found two layouts created by Shimelle Lain that definitely inspired me. I never did find that original layout I talked about in the video but will keep looking. If I ever find it I’ll be sure to share it on my Facebook page! Okay, the first layout also happens to be one of Glitter Girl’s first adventures – Adventure 003 to be precise. In it she uses inspiration from a variety of online gallery images to break through a creative block. She also creates a lovely banner across her page, underneath her photos, much like I did. The second layout creates a banner on a larger scale. In fact, her photos are ON the banner. I think mine falls somewhere between the two!

Me & My Guy by Alison Day Designs

I’m sure you can see how these two layouts came to mind as I was placing all the tags down on my card stock! I’ve made banners before but never one quite this loaded up. Definitely worth doing again. The layers are fantastic and you can really tell a lot with the choices of items you add to your banner. To see more of my previous layouts that have banners on them, I thought it would be easiest to create a special album in my Flickr Gallery. As you can see they are mostly of the “cross the corner on a diagonal” type banner. This full width banner is unique in my albums!

Here are your detail shots.





That’s all I have for you today. If you haven’t done so already, head on over to Karen’s site for some more inspiration.

Edited to add: Connie joined in late (and I’m even later getting her link posted here!) Please hop over to her site to see how she is using mixed media in her Inkwell Press planner. And she has a new Plan with Me video!  Very fun!

Have a fantastic Monday and I’ll see you again soon!



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