A quick 5 on Friday – Feb 4

Hi everyone! Time for a quick recap from the Day family!
1. Rants
Thanks for the kind (and really funny) comments on my rant post the other day. I must say it is so nice to know that I am not going crazy. That others are going through similar things and still others know exactly what I’m talking about.
2. School Lunches
Chalk it up to “live and learn”.
Marley has been making my life progressively harder this year where her school lunches are concerned. First I had to learn that the 10 – 15 minutes they are allotted to eat isn’t enough time to eat a whole sandwhich, apple and treat so I started packing 1/2 sandwhiches. Then came the steady stream of “I don’t like that anymore”s. So now, half way through the year, she has declared she doesn’t like, ham sandwhiches, cheese sandwhiches, bananas, yogurts, granola bars, Nutrigrain bars, oranges, hummus … I’ve probably missed some things. The last straw came when she declared she’d eat a jam sandwhich which I dutifully packed and which was summarily left uneaten. Grr!!!
I started talking to some of my Mom friends about it this week and learned this is completely normal behaviour. Annoying, but normal. For a 6 year old anyway! The solution? Don’t pack treats.
Why didn’t I think of that?!
How many times have I told myself that the kids won’t starve themselves? That they WILL eat the good stuff eventually if I stick to my guns, don’t back down and ride out the tantrums. Too many to count! So why has this taken me so long to figure out?! Anyway, today is Day One of the new, no treats until you prove you will eat all the healthy stuff first regime. Marley did not look all that impressed this morning but I’m sticking to my guns this time!! Wish me luck!
3. OLW
I’m still stumped as to how to capture “Release” in photographs this month but I’m sure something will reveal itself. My rant to the blogosphere was definitely cathartic and served its purpose of releasing my frustations. Eventually. I was still feeling wound up the next day but … release, release, release.
4. Crafty Playdates

Marley asked if her friend  Amanda could come over yesterday for a playdate. We had nothing on the books so I figured “sure”. This meant that Amanda’s younger sister came too – not a problem and completely expected. Sarah and Paige were at preschool together last year and are best buds. The two older girls wanted to make something for the two younger girls. Marley had brought home a book from the library the other day on girly crafts and has been tenacious (read: buggin’ the heck out of me!!) about doing them.
Here’s what they (okay, we) came up with:

AND they all helped clean up the mess! Yay!!
5. Best for last …
I get to go cropping tomorrow!! Yippee! I’ve been wanting to go to a crop for months now but haven’t been able to swing it. Our PAC is having a dance in a few weeks and part of the fundraising efforts is a silent auction. One of my scrapping friends thought putting together a basket of hand made cards would be a good auction item. That’s what we are planning to do tomorrow. Another scrapping friend was already having some women over tomorrow to scrap so I am tagging along to make some cards. Not my usual genre but I’m just excited to have some “me creative” time.
Alright, that’s my quick 5. Next week I promise some sneaks of my Valentines Day project for the girls and maybe even some of those cards. Have a great weekend!!
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1 Response to A quick 5 on Friday – Feb 4

  1. Roxy says:

    You’re welcome! Sounds like you had a pretty good week! I’ve got the same issues with lunches: one kid likes mayo, the other mustard, one can eat a whole sandwhich, the other only half. I don’t give them treats unless it’s home baked, so that means I”m super-ambitious. I’ve been into banana bread (I have a low-sugar, whole wheat recipe if you’re interested) and sometimes brownies with spinach and carrot puree (from Deceptively Delicious). But mostly their lunches are pretty standard, and they don’t complain because they’re used to it. I even forgot to order hot lunch this month, and they didn’t even mention it, so good, I saved $30 on greasy pizza and hot dogs! Anyhoo, I’m super jealous of your crop, wish I was going! I will be working on Ailis’ b-day invites, but it’s just not that fun. Hope you have a good time, tell us all about it!

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