A Look Inside

Hello weekend! Only one more of these to go before my girls head back to school. Hard to believe that the summer is almost over but, from the sounds of the rain and wind pounding on our windows today, it is most definitely starting to feel Fall-ish.

But I am snug and warm in my Scrap Cave! Yay to cutting and gluing paper while the storms rage outside!

If you’ve been following me at all this summer you’ll have heard me talk about reclaiming my own scrapping space. Would you like to see it? I filmed a little video tour for you. But first, how about a few “before” photos?

Alison Day Designs Scraproom circa 2012 - workspace

My drafting table was originally under the window (where my desk is now) and as you can see I was surrounded by chaos. Mostly because the opposite corner (where my shelves are now) had the corner desk with the family computer in it.

Alison Day Designs Scraproom circa 2012 - shelf corner

I was crammed in pretty tightly!

Alison Day Designs Scraproom circa 2012 - larger bookshelf behind the door

You can also see on these shelves all my old Interior Design text books and notes etc. I’ve since removed those to our bedroom closet. Couldn’t quite get rid of them but definitely didn’t need them taking up valuable shelf space! Also, this shelf is where my drafting table is now.

Alison Day Designs Scraproom circa 2012 - display shelf

This gives you a good overview of the “scrapping” side of the room. Now, it did go through a slight re-jig when this happened …

Alison Day Designs Scraproom circa 2012 - catastrophy!

Yup. “All by itself” too! Anyway, it led me to move things around again.

Alison Day Designs Scraproom circa 2013 - workspace

I moved my drafting table out from under the window. The shelf was put back up but the rod was not. That ‘A’ and the bulletin board you see are now in my “to be refinished to match the new colour scheme” pile. It never ends. Truly!

Okay, so now take a gander at my new space!

What did you think? There’s still quite a few niggly projects that need to get done – like hanging that small book shelf and recovering my bulletin board so it’s no longer shades of orange (something that perfectly matched my old space) – but all in all I am so happy in here. It’s hard NOT to spend all day crafting, blogging and watching YouTube videos!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to enter my Wood Veneer Giveaway! See you soon.

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2 Responses to A Look Inside

  1. Libby Wiers says:

    Nice space! My only issue would be all those drawers – if I can’t see it, I don’t use it! Not even sure labels would help me. I have all open shelves and clear containers… Wish I could have come to AZ this year to have met you in person.

    • daydesigns says:

      I do have that same problem Libby but my design esthetic prefers closed drawers/bins for a clean, less cluttered look! I just have to make sure I’m regularly looking through those drawers so I know what’s in there and use it!!

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