A Better Advent

Elf on the ShelfToday is December 1st.

If you have children then this is most likely the first day they get to open their advent calendars and possibly, their Elf on the Shelf returns from the North Pole.

All exciting things in a child’s life.

This year these things are happening in my house too … but with a twist.

The Advent Calendar (the one I made for them in 2009 – see it here) has just been filled with left over Halloween candy and is sitting on the mantel in our family room waiting for them to open it in the morning. But there’s a new addition this year.

Giving Thanks Advent Calendar inserts.

I was creating advent calendars to sell at a recent Christmas Craft Market when I came up with the notion of adding little notes of gratitude into each pocket rather than the typical coin – real or chocolate. They were a hit! It seems like a lot of people are looking for a different way to celebrate this year. Whether it’s the Syrian Refugee crisis or the shootings in Paris, people are needing to look outside themselves as never before.

And I am determined that my children will not only be looking with anticipation to see what Santa’s brought them but also, look forward to what they can DO for another human being. Today, tomorrow, next week, all year. Let’s start a revolution! Pay it Forward all year, not just at Christmas. Those less fortunate souls need the food bank all year round, not just on December 25th. Why not add an extra box of cereal or case of canned soup into your shopping cart each week and drop it off at that Food Bank donation bin most grocery stores have at the front door? I know I will be!

We may be living paycheque to paycheque right now but even so, our kids are well fed, they have clean clothes, and they get to go to school in peace. They also get to play soccer, and dance, and swim, so yes, we can afford to give.

Give time. Give food. Give love.


That is all.

PS – click the link above to download your own Giving Thanks inserts for your Advent Calendars. Start a new tradition!


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