5 on Friday – July 8th

Wow! Can it really be Friday and can I really be posting my 5 on Friday ON Friday?!?! Did hell freeze over? LOL! Just as I don’t expect the girls to always be happy and play nicely together, don’t you expect me to continue this timely-ness!!

1. Out With the Old, In with the New – Day 2

I thought I’d post this first so that any scrappy friends checking in won’t have to wade through a weeks worth of kidlet pics etc.

Day 2’s challenge over at Apron Strings was “find a past kit with the following color scheme. No kits? Pull some of your older papers.”

And she provided this sketch for inspiration. I ended up using the right hand page but flipping it. 
Here’s my layout – Bathtime (Fun?) about Paige’s first bathing experience at home.
I already had my oldest papers out so it was easy to pick the one with the most red, white and blue in it.
This colour scheme and the papers were more my style so this layout came very easily. In fact, the bulk of it was done last night in about an hours time. Today I added the sewing to the butterfly (see below) and added the journalling and black embellishments to the top.

Once it was all inked and stuck down I thought it looked too black but at this point I have no plans to change it. Call it a learning experience!

Once again I cut out my title with both white and black and then glued it off centre to create a shadow effect.
Supplies used: blue, black and white cardstock from my stash; all patterned paper is from AC’s Tea Party collection; black embroidery thread; Scenic Route chipboard flowers; K&Company adhesive photo frames; Color Box pigment inks in Black and Frost White.

2. Family
Last Sunday our family went over to my brothers for lunch. Aunt Jean was spending her last week of her Canadian holiday in the Lower Mainland. She had been with Andrew for a few days and it was going to be our turn next! After a very yummy lunch of Costco Chicken Pot Pie (highly recommend these and may put them in my cart next time I’m there!), we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and have dessert.

Choosing was the hardest part!


After popsicles it was time to play and get dirty. Something LC excels at!!!
What do you do when you don’t have a baseball bat but you really want to play ball with your nephew?
You use your daughter as a bat, of course!

Not that Paige complained much!
A shot of all 5 of us with Aunt Jean.

3. Fairy Gardens
While at Andrew’s we discovered something amazing!

A Fairy Garden!!!
The girls were immediately taken with the idea and Marley went hunting for the fairies. 
Paige checked out the houses to make sure they weren’t hiding in there. 
Once it was determined that the fairies were not currently in residence, Marley and Matthew had fun gathering offerings of flowers. 
Marley has since created her own Pixie Hollow out of old boxes and scraps of paper. I am turning a blind eye (or two or three) to the mess she is creating and instead focussing on her imaginative mind. It’s a wonder to behold! She still working on it but once it’s done I’ll post pictures. I want to try and recreate Jonina’s idea in our garden I just have to figure out where … and how!

4. Creative Play
I’ve posted pictures of the girls doing creative things during play dates but I don’t think I’ve posted pictures like the follow.

This is all part of the Pixie Hollow creative process. 

It was all cleaned up at the end of the playdate … only to be re-messed today.
It’s all good though.
5. Soccer Camp
The girls have been at Soccer Camp all this week (9-12 every day). Today was a fun day of games, hotdogs and medals. Paige had to be pulled out briefly to go and get her Kindergarten shots (which has subsequently put her in a bit of a mood!) Here are some shots of the fun.
All Vaccinated and ready to join back in!

Just hanging about!

What time is it Mr. Wolf?

Driving the van is already her favourite thing to do!

Marley takes aim at her coach.

Fun with soccer balls.
Paige dribbling … her ball that is!

Since it’s almost as big as her, LC was enchanted with this ball.

Waiting for food. 

Enjoying the hot dog with friends.
Look at MY medal!!
All right, that’s it for today.
Greg is home from work so that must mean it’s time for me to get dinner going.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great weekend everyone. If you’re interested, it’s the Tour de Delta this weekend. Come and check out the fun!
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  1. Lori says:

    Awww. . .great layout. Look at that little monkey. I love first bath photos – mostly because it’s the only way I remember the event, much like most of the kids’ first year. Sleep deprivation is not good. Great job.

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