7 thoughts on “T-Minus 6 Days – Stamp set Giveaway

  1. I cherish my family and friends above all other things. I have learned that lesson well this week as we have been through the Colorado flooding. Nothing is more important than those you love. 🙂

    angela at alexfam dot com

  2. Time and special moments with friends and family!! This has become even more meaningful for us over the last week with the loss of Todd’s mom!

  3. My kids and my hubby! My kids especially, as I wasn’t ‘supposed’ to have children…according to the specialists! I have 3 kids now—15 year old twin boys and 3.5 girl!

  4. Time with my family and friends… nothing unique here. Given our travel schedules, my husband and I do not spend near enough time together alone… and there’s never enough time to do all I want to do with my kids!

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