LOAD213 Day 20 – Hidden Elements

For today’s prompt, Lain asked me to make a page with a hidden element. I don’t do this ALL the time but often enough that I was ready with several options at hand. And then we celebrated Christmas (I was doing these layouts for Lain in December) and each of us was given a special gift from Greg’s Mom. They all came in pretty unique gift card envelopes which I immediately hoarded away for future use! Don’t we all do this? No? It’s just me then? Okay, I can live with that!!
Here’s my layout. Can you spot where the hidden journaling is?

Ta da!!
Here’s a closer look at that journaling card.

The gift card envelope had this great silver ribbon around it but I didn’t have anything quite like it in my stash so I improvised. I laid down a piece of double sided tape in approximately the same width as the ribbon then, after exposing the sticky side, sprinkled it with silver glitter. To make sure it was stuck good and strong and I wasn’t going to get glitter falling off into my page protector, I laid a piece of scrap paper over top and burnished the glitter with my bone folder. I swear to you, I can rub my finger over it and nothing comes off!

Additional silver accents and some contrasting dark blue pieces finish off this layout. 
What will you do with a hidden element today? 
Thanks for stopping by – have a great Wednesday.

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  1. Debbie P says:

    What a cute and awesome idea Alison! I love it! Fantastic job!

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