Let the Fun Begin!

In November 2009 I got the idea to make an advent calendar for my girls. I wanted something with little drawers that I could put 3 small sweets or gifts into. You can read all about it here. Last year I revamped it using the Dear Lizzy Christmas line. Why, you ask? I needed to make the drawers easier to open and my original “drawer pulls” were ripping off.

So, why am I telling you all this now? Two reasons. One, I don’t think I took pictures of the Advent Calendar last year and thought you might be interested. I’ve been seeing some pretty cool versions out there this year so figured I’d throw my little calendar into the ring! And two, I had to fill it up today as tomorrow is December 1st. Marley has been gently reminding me (read – most annoyingly pestering me!) to get it ready but I’ve been so busy I have been putting it off. Really couldn’t put it off any longer though could I?

Here it is.

I’ve since moved it into it’s December home above the fireplace in the family room. I really hope Christine can’t reach it! She’d empty the drawers before you could say “Naughty List”! 

Just one close up for you today. These are the first two drawers. I can tell you that they only contain candies (extras from Halloween). I normally fill the drawers with little candies and a note with a fun Christmassy activity to do. This year, with my two jobs I’m not sure how much time and energy I’m going to have to do all those extra things so candies will have to suffice. For the most part!
Anyway, tomorrow (almost today!) also means the official start of my December Daily. I’m working all weekend so I’m not sure what’s going to get in there but … hope you’ll check back to see!
Have a great weekend everyone.

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2 Responses to Let the Fun Begin!

  1. SueB says:

    Absolutely beautiful Alison! Looking forward to doing the December Daily with you! Suzie xxx 🙂

  2. Mrs. Miles says:

    Hi Alison,

    I tracked your blog down after your LOVELY Aunt shared part of your post with me. I saw your AMAZING paper wreath you made her last year – still in awe,beautiful work, you’re very talented.

    This project looks very artistic as well! I’ll come visit again as your blog looks inspiring.

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