Kids Summer Art Journal

Kids Summer Art Journal by Alison Day Designs

Need an easy project to do with your kids?

I’ve got it!

Let me guess, it’s summer, or Spring Break, or Christmas Holidays (or a Tuesday for crying out loud) and your kids are singing that age old song. “Mo-o-om, we’re bo-o-red!” You asked them to get off their screens all of five minutes ago, so naturally, there. is. nothing. to. do!


I can help with that!

When my daughters were 9, 7 and 4 we made these little art journals together and they had so much fun.

Examples of art journals

We went to our local scrapbook store and picked out the stickers and paper they wanted to use. Then I showed them how to put it together so they could decorate it in whatever way they wanted. Sometimes when I do crafts with my kids, what I think should take an hour takes 30 seconds! Not this time. Once they’d added all their stickers, they spent hours colouring, writing, and painting.

It was awesome!

It’s a “anything goes” type journal. Complete freedom to be creative – however you define it! And 100% customizable to whatever supplies you have on hand.

Great for taking on the road along with some pencil crayons and stickers. Flying somewhere? Throw this into their cabin bag and that flight will be a breeze! Oh, and are you one of those crafters who can’t throw out your paper scraps no matter how small they get? (Guilty!!) This is the perfect project for using those up too!

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Perfect for kids of all ages!

It makes a perfect traveler’s notebook too. At a recent ScrapHappy Reunion, the ladies all learned how to make one. Check out how fabulous they turned out!

ScrapHappy journals from 2016 Reunion

Just last week we made another version to take on our Disney Cruise. Click on the photo below to read the story behind the making of these books!

all finished

You can:

  • Use it to document a trip in words that you can transcribe into your scrapbook layouts later.
  • Use it to practice your brush strokes.
  • Use it as a place to keep all your new stamping techniques in one place.
  • Use it to jot down ideas for layouts or projects to do later.
  • Heck! Just use it to doodle in!

Your kids can:

  • Use it to paint pictures of their favourite summer memories.
  • Use it to practice drawing.
  • Use it as a camp journal or diary.
  • Use it as a way to spend rainy summer days instead of watching TV.

This was originally offered exclusively with the 2016 (Inter)National Scrapbook Day Mini Bundle from Scrapbook Bundles but since it is so versatile, so easy to make, and so affordable, I am offering to everyone! Now you can make them with your kids any time!

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How much is it?

Only $4.99. Canadian!

What do you get?

You will receive a link where you can instantly download the PDF with all the instructions you need to make this art journal. Inside the PDF are links to videos detailing the products I used and how I built my journal. You will also be given my personal email address so if there are any problems, I am here to help!

When you click the ‘add to cart’ button, you will be redirected to a webpage where you can enter your payment information. You need to have a PayPal account but it’s super easy to set one up if you don’t have one yet.

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