Going Strong With LayOut A Day

I am so impressed with myself! I have managed to scrapbook one layout a day for every day in February so far!

Can I get a Woot! Woot!

Okay, I realize it’s only the 10th today but hey, considering my last few performances during LOAD I am kicking butt!

Oh yeah, and I have managed to film each layout coming together too. That’s what is really making me the happiest this time around.

So before I get too carried away with the self-congratulations, would you like to see what I’ve made since my last post?

Day 8 – @ The Hogwarts Express

I had a lot of fun using super old sticker stash on this layout! I linked Shimelle’s layout in the description on YouTube so please check it out. It’s like “here’s how it should be done”! Right? I like my version too but she is definitely the master of MAWR!

LOAD218-10 Hogwarts Express by Alison Day a double page spread

Like I said last time, I’ve added all the detail shots to the video so if you want to see different areas up close you’ll have to watch. 🙂

Since I know exactly which album I am working on at the moment I’ve pulled all the memorabilia from that day onto my desk so I minimize the likelihood of forgetting something like this souvenir ticket that I purchased. And of course, if I ever get MY letter from Hogwarts I’ll know exactly where my ticket for the train is!! LOL!

LOAD218-10 Hogwarts Express Left side by Alison Day

This view of the left hand page gives you a good view of that sticker column. I’m so pleased I was able to stretch it from top to bottom!

LOAD218-10 Hogwarts Express Right side by Alison Day

Day 9 – The Dark Forest

Fair warning … there are a lot of spiders in the video and photos below so if you’re not good with that, please keep scrolling. I do not want to be responsible for your panic attack!

Still with me? Okay, here goes …

What do you think now? Need a glass of wine or are you planning your trip to London??

LOAD218-9 The Dark Forest by Alison Day a double page spread

I am actually really pleased with the composition of this layout. I love my spider webs! I love that I was able to turn flower embellishments into something that (to my eye anyway) doesn’t at all resemble a flower. And I love all the blue and grey.

Aragog, not so much. But at least I’ve given him a colour coordinated new home to live in, right?

LOAD218-9left side of The Dark Forest by Alison Day

Here’s a closer look at the left hand page.

LOAD218-9Right side of The Dark Forest by Alison Day

And the right hand page.

Day 10 – Keeping Time

Time for something a bit less menacing! (See what I did there??) As soon as I saw the prompt I knew which photos I was going to scrapbook. Love it when I’ve got the perfect set of prints right at hand and I really don’t have to think too hard about anything. I did struggle with the journaling but in the end I managed.

LOAD218-10 Keeping time by Alison Day

Those glittery Sassafras stickers have been in my stash for ages! I’ve never had the right colour schemes for them until this album. So satisfying to be using them up!

Okay, 10 days in.

10 layouts done.

10 videos filmed, edited, narrated and uploaded.

I think that deserves a glass of wine, what do you say? Join me?

Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll see you Wednesday with more LOAD layouts. On Monday I’ll have something a bit different so come back for that too!


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