December Daily – Day 13

They are coming fast and furious now!!

Day Thirteen:
It was Christmas concert day at Marley and Paige’s elementary school. Here in BC our teachers are trying to renegotiate their contract and initiated job action at the end of August. This has affected things like report cards (the girls’ had their attendance records on it and not much else!) and Christmas Concerts. Some schools aren’t putting one on at all. Others have individual classes putting on performances in their class rooms. Ours put on a reduced concert involving only grades K – 3 and at 2:00PM. Each family with a child in the concert was also given just 3 tickets (a new thing – usually it’s a seating free for all!) Greg had a Team Leaders Christmas lunch so he couldn’t make it but Grandma and Grandpa Day came across for the concert. 
Above is an extra page that I added with the program on one side and a picture of each girl on the other.

Marley’s class did this really fun number in the dark with flash lights which I took a video of for Greg. I managed to grab a few stills from the video to put onto this page.

On the back I added my journalling and a cute picture I got of Paige getting congratulatory hugs from Grandma and Grandpa. 
Day 14 is also done I just need to photograph it so look for it here soon.
On a personal note, last night was a lot of fun …. NOT!!! Christine came into our room crying just after midnight. Greg took her back to bed and then moments later, when I heard her still crying, I went in to discover Paige on the way down the ladder to tell us that Christine had thrown up. Yup. It’s hit our house I think. That yucky stomach bug that’s been making the rounds of the neighbourhood. Groan!!!!
We are supposed to be going out to Abbotsford today for the big Graham/Campbell/Day family get together but … we are in “wait and see” mode. Christine seems fine this morning. All smiles and chattering away as is her want. Paige and Marley seem unaffected but I am feeling iffy. Not sure if it’s genuine or if it’s due to lack of sleep and thinking/worrying/dreaming of throwing up all night. Time will tell.
Hope you are all well!! I’ll be back later with Day 14 – Christine’s Gymnastics show!

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