December Daily 2011 – Days 4 – 6

Got ’em done! Phew!
These were basically quiet days with not too much in the way of Holiday Happenings so I found it quite challenging to pick a story to star. But  … that is part of the fun for me this year. To take it one day at a time and not to stress out if there aren’t a lot of “Christmassy” things to talk about. In future years I think I will enjoy looking back and seeing our ordinary days just as much as our special days.

And here they are … Day Four:

I added a little pre-cut pocket from the Teresa Collins pack that I’ve been using for this album and then since I had printed off more journalling strips than I used on the page (see below) I added the extra ones to the pocket. The tag in the top left pocket is the reverse side of the Peace tag below – I just stamped on it to make it more interesting.

Here’s a close up of one of those journalling tags. 
And the main page. I was despairing that since I had no photos from Sunday, and since not too much happened, that the page would be boring but I ended up LOVING this! I may have to repeat it sometime later. 🙂 
Day Five:
Again, I kind of nothing day so I just wrote about it.  
Then on the back I attached a CD pocket and inside are several cards that I found in Paige’s back pack. I had seen some of her Christmas art work and thought I might use it but when I saw these little cards with her attempts at writing out our names (she got ‘Dad’, “Mom” and her own name right then just put an ‘M’ and a ‘C’ for Marley and Christine – so cute!) I knew they had to find a place for them in this album. 

Day Six:

Today I got the girls to write their letters to Santa. Marley says she has already written to him at school so he may be getting two from her this year. Oh well!

It was very easy for me to slip the letters into this pocket, behind the lace overlay bit. Then I added the card from their Advent Calendar with a cute little paper clip.
Last year I scanned their letters into the computer and  printed them off onto photo paper. But this year, since they did cards, not letters, I decided to colour photocopy them so they look like the original cards.
Here’s a look at  the inside of Marley’s. Hmmm … not sure Santa has the budget for an iPad2!!
Then I did something I’ve seen Ali Edwards do, I wrote a letter to Santa as the main page. Something fun and different! 
Okay, that’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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