Sketch #7 – Sarah Showcased


Have you ever had a Sugar Plum?

Do you even know what one is? I didn’t so I had to look it up. This article was most informative and reveals that, despite popular opinion, sugar plums have nothing to do with an actual plum. Huh! Learn something new every day! Basically, it’s just an old fashioned name for a hard candy. In which case, you may have had one and not even known it!

As I said in the last sketch, I’ve been including tracks from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker in my process videos (because it would be WAY too boring to watch me move bits around on my page all day!) The first few bars of The Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy always gives me chills. I love ballet. I wish I could have been a ballerina. I hope that in a parallel universe somewhere, I AM a ballerina!

But I digress.

Growing up we didn’t have the opportunity to go and see The Nutcracker performed but we did listen to it at home. Those first few bars signified excitement, Christmas, and also, that my favourite number – The Russian Dance – was coming up. I remember the first time I saw The Nutcracker and watched those Russian Cossack Dancers whirling across the stage. It was like they weren’t even human! When I was blessed with all girls I know that taking them to see this magical ballet needed to become one of our traditions. We don’t do it every year, but every now and then a very special opportunity arises and I indulge my inner ballerina.

2014 gave us one such opportunity. My middle daughter’s “BFF” Sarah was cast as a polar bear cub in a very special, very Canadian version of The Nutcracker so of course we bought tickets! The girls usually saw a more amateur version of the ballet – put on by community groups – so this was the first time they would remember seeing a real ballet company perform. The anticipation was palpable! And the performance didn’t disappoint.

Watch how I use this sketch – which contains a pocket for our program – to tell the story of that magical night.

12 sketches - nutcracker

I managed to include both the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy AND the Russian Dance in that video! It’s funny to watch myself putting brads in with the ever increasing beat of the Russian Dance pushing me faster.

Sarah Showcased by Alison Day Designs

Now it’s your turn to scrapbook about an event using a pocket to store extra things. Not only good for stories about shows where you may have a program or flier to keep, but what about your trip to Disneyland? This pocket would be terrific to hold the map of the park don’t you think?

Don’t forget to share a link to any pages you make in the comments below or over on my Facebook page. We’d all love to see your work and read your stories!

Happy Scrapping!

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