Sketch #3 – Putting Up the Christmas Tree


Real or Faux, that is the question!

This can be a divisive question I think. Do you condone chopping down a real tree every year or do you pull yours out of a box? Do you love hunting for that perfect fir or pine in the woods? What memories are triggered when you read those words?

Tramping through snow for what seems like hours as your dad rejects tree after tree.

Hauling it back to your vehicle and tying it onto the roof.

Getting sticky sap all over your mittens.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows once you’re home again.

Or maybe you love having a predictably perfectly shaped tree with pretty white lights already strung on it?


Easy to put up.

No need to water.

No pine needles all over your carpet that seem to need daily vacuuming.

There’s really no right or wrong here and that’s not the point of this class, sketch or layout! Maybe you have a pink tree! Awesome! Maybe you don’t have a tree at all. No matter. This is merely a sketch and you can use it however you want to!

12 sketches - decorating

Here’s how I used it to tell the story of bringing home our tree last year.

Our family is firmly in the real-tree-all-the-way camp. For me it’s the smell. No pine scented candle can achieve that fresh green, sappy, dusty, out doorsy aroma like a real tree can. So yes, I put up with the pine needles in my van, my carpets, my furniture and my socks!

Putting Up The Tree by Alison Day Designs

Now it’s your turn. Tell the story of YOUR tree traditions. Perhaps you don’t put up a tree but have other decoration traditions that are just as important. We’d love to hear about them! I’m always on the look out for new ideas.

Don’t forget to share a link to any pages you make in the comments below or over on my Facebook page. We’d all love to see your work and read your stories!

Happy Scrapping!

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