Your Christmas Story in Twelve Easy Layouts

Twelve Sketches by Alison Day Designs


Thank you for purchasing the 2015 Creative Christmas Bundle brought to you by Scrapbook Bundles. We wish you a fun-filled, creative, and joyous Holiday Season!

Before we go any further, please bookmark this page so you can find it again whenever you need to. On this page you will find links to each of the twelve layouts created from the twelve sketches in your sketchbook. That sketchbook was part of your download with the purchase of the Creative Christmas Bundle. If you have any questions about the sketchbook please email me at Cheers!

Before we get started, here’s a little video introducing yours truly as well as giving you a bit of background into how this class came about. Enjoy!

In the video I mentioned a blog post where first created the base layouts that ended up becoming many of the sketches in your Sketchbook. Here’s where you can read that post.

Okay, and now the sketches! These will be doled out one by one over the next couple weeks. If you are a super keener and are checking in on the first day of the sale, then you will only see that Sketch #1 is clickable. If you’re like me and forget that I’ve purchased a class until six months later … have at ‘er! They should all be live by now! 🙂 Either way, enjoy! And share with us what you make by leaving a link in the comments on each page. I’d love to see how you interpret my sketches! Oh, and if you make the shortbread, I can not be held responsible for any over indulgences, any demands by your husbands/fathers/co-workers/children for more, or any midnight pantry raids. You are on your own! #YOLO!

The sketches!

1 – Holiday Baking

2 – The Elf On The Shelf

3 – Decorating the Tree

4 – Snow Fun

5 – Holiday Parties

6 – Children’s Choirs

7 – The Nutcracker

8 – Food Traditions

9 – Santa Claus

10 – Favourite Gifts

11 – Christmas Day

12 – Family Photo

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