Disney Cruise Recap

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We’re home!

We docked on Monday and I’m not sure how it got to be Thursday already but .. there it is!

If you missed my usual Words on Wednesday post yesterday and are wondering how the Mummy’s Summer Camp is going, I’ll talk more about that next week. I’m finding it a bit hard to get back into the swing of normal life right now. Plus I have been experiencing unpleasant, and unexpected, side effects from the cruise that made it impossible to sit at my computer, let alone try to string sentences together!

Ugh! … moving on!

How was your week last week? I feel like I haven’t talked to you in ages! One week off-the-grid was all it took! LOL!

It was a bit weird to totally unplug. Good! But weird.

Obligatory photo with Minnie before boarding

In case you are new here, my family and I were on a Disney cruise last week, to Alaska, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The kids had a ball! Me? Um … that is a complicated answer!

I love all things Disney, really I do. What I do not love are cruises.

Yep, I’m in the minority in our family, but that’s the God’s Honest Truth! Continue reading »

One Week In and Still Going Strong

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WOW Summer 2016 Edition

I survived!

As any stay at home parent can attest, summer holidays are really a survival game. Can you survive two months of constantly being surrounded by your kids, their friends, their mess, and their demands, without becoming a raging alcoholic?

I am here to say, so far so good!

There have been some tense moments, I’ll not lie. For instance, dropping the hot queso dip all over myself and the floor at Taco del Mar. Fun times! Or, even better, closing the dressing room door on my youngest daughter’s fingers! Yep. That felt good!

You know what made it even better?

They both happened on the SAME BLOODY DAY! Yep. Good times!

But I .. we .. made it through. And not even a drop of wine touched these lips! Swear to God!

Okay, that may have been because my insides have been acting up so much lately that I’m actively avoiding anything that could remotely set me off! But hey, a win is a win is a win. Right?

Life Lessons Progress Report

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Life Lessons Summer Camp – Initial Thoughts

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WOW Summer 2016 Edition

Yes, you read that right. This IS Words on Wednesday, but for the next nine weeks or so I am going to be bringing you into my world of summer with kids!  In a moment of what may turn out to be complete insanity, I decided to run my own summer camp for my girls in an attempt to teach them a few life skills sadly lacking in today’s society. Crazy right?

What kinds of life skills?

Glad you asked! Here’s my break down.

Week One – Travel

Week Two – Traveling etiquette and money matters

Week Three – Cleaning & Organizing

Week Four – Cooking

Week Five – Sewing

Week Six – Self Independence

Week Seven – Laundry

Week Eight – More Needlework (the girls are away at their grandparents this week but I am hoping to enlist Grandma to help teach them knitting and crocheting)

Week Nine – More Cooking Continue reading »

My Summer Plans

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Words on Wednesday

Can you believe it is almost July?!

My children have approximately two hours left of school! Two hours people!! They are going in today for the Grade 7 Commencement (and to have the obligatory year end photo with the teacher taken – scrapbooking op anyone?) and then they are off for two whole months!

Wow! Where did that ten months go?

I can’t wait for summer holidays to begin.

No, really!

I’m sure I’ll be shaking my head and wishing them back to school in a few short weeks, but right now I am looking forward to not having to make lunches, not having to remember to pick them up at 3:00 (1:30 on Wednesdays), and most of all, not having to figure out who is going where with whom to which activity!

Can I get an AMEN to long lazy summer days filled with watermelon, sprinklers, and dirty feet?


But knowing this jubilation will eventually be replaced with “seriously, just go outside and play already!” I needed to come up with a plan. And I think I have one.

Maybe … Continue reading »

I am Not Your Friend, kid!

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Words on Wednesday

Today there are no words.

Not that anything horrible has happened, just that I have nothing concrete to share or rant about this week.

Some weeks are like that. Nothing major happens, either bad, funny, or mind blowing.

Next week I may have more to say seeing as it is the last day of school and I may be dreading the long “I’m bored” days of summer.


For today, please enjoy this little rant from a Mommy Blogger who totally nailed it!

But That’s Not Fair! Teaching Kids how to Deal With Rejection

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Words on Wednesday

How many times have these words been uttered?

“She got more than me!”

“I was sitting there first!”

“His slice is bigger than mine!”

“That’s not fair!”

We’ve all said it, and if you’re a parent like me, you’ve heard it – in all its forms – numerous times a day. The standard response to these statements tends to be “life’s not fair!” (In my house, with a “suck it up, Buttercup” added at the end for good measure!)

For the most part, whatever they are complaining about is trivial and the fact that Johnny got a slightly larger piece of pie than Tommy really doesn’t matter a whole lot. It’s only pie after all!

But every now and then the “pie” is a little bit bigger. The stakes higher. The fallout greater.

What do you do then? How do you deliver the “life’s not fair” speech without completely demoralizing your child? What if you didn’t have to deliver that speech because you had properly prepared your child for the outcome – both good and bad?

We haven’t had to deal with anything life altering … yet. Soccer try outs that went awry have been the biggest issue to date. And even then, she knew her effort on the day wasn’t equal to those of the girls who were picked. Tough lesson perhaps, but a valuable one. Hard work and consistent effort beats natural born skill more than you’d think!

Recently we faced a try out of a different variety. One that required more preparation than we’d dealt with before. Continue reading »

Getting Used to the “New Normal”

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Words on Wednesday

Saying goodbye to loved ones is never easy.

I recently had the privilege of creating a couple of items for a friend to use at her mother’s Celebration of Life service. She said something to me when she picked up the finished pieces that has stuck in my brain.

“I guess I’m just getting used to the new normal.”

Truer words were never spoken. And what an excellent way to think of grief.

Experts talk about the five stages of grief – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance – but I’ve never thought of that as a linear path. Or even one that you traverse only once! I’m convinced that when you suffer a major loss you still cycle through the various stages every now and then. Skipping over the ones that aren’t applicable at the time and getting side swiped by the ones that are. Many of you know that I lost my parents at 14 in a car crash. I was also quite seriously injured and so had to put my grieving process on hold in order to focus on healing. The psychologists warned us that I would suffer later on in life for not dealing with my grief immediately and boy were they right! Continue reading »