Releasing the Log Jam

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Words on Wednesday

It’s Wednesday therefore there should be words … right?

For the past two weeks I haven’t been able to write my typical Wednesday post. The words haven’t been there. Or rather, they’re there but stuck.

Picture a log jam if you will. Too many logs try to pass through a narrow point of a river all at once and they end up stuck. The logs behind just keep crashing into the ones already jammed up and you get a bigger and bigger log jam. Until finally it reaches critical mass and explodes – usually violently and with disastrous results.

Hopefully this word explosion doesn’t have disastrous results!

This month has been hard so far. September means so many things to me personally:

It means the end of summer – my favourite season. πŸ™

It means back to school – hip hip hooray! πŸ™‚

It means my birthday! 43 this year, yikes! πŸ™‚

It means all our crazy activities start up again. πŸ™

It means the clock has officially run out on my “work vacation” a.k.a. no more stay at home status for me! πŸ™

All of these things have resulted in a totally overwhelmed me! πŸ™ Continue reading »

Deep Thoughts on Granny Camp

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WOW Summer 2016 Edition

This is going to be my last special Words on Wednesday post. This time next week the girls will be back in school and life can return to normal.

Or what passes for normal around here!

This endeavour of mine hasn’t gone according to plan (when do they ever, right) but I am pleased that I tried it. That we tried it! For this really was a joint effort – mine and my girls. I think I can safely say I’d do it again but with some changes.

Better preparation.

This was a last minute idea so quite often I was madly writing their lessons late at night or first thing in the morning. Not ideal.

Lower expectations.

Not sure why I thought the kids would be excited to learn about the proper way to clean a toilet or make a bed but …. hey, live and learn. Next time, simpler lessons for the little one, and fewer expectations of perfection all around!

More hands-on activities.

The favourite lessons were the ones where they had to look up something, find something, make something, or go somewhere. Noted!

Add some way for them to give back.

The older I get, the more I feel the need to give back. Continue reading »

Not Bad For a First Effort With Needle and Thread

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WOW Summer 2016 Edition

If you’ve been following along with my special Words on Wednesday posts this summer, then you know I’ve almost completely abandoned them.


Last week though, I got the notion into my head to teach my girls to sew.

(insert hysterical laughter here)

While shopping at Walmart for a couple last Back To School supplies, I took the girls over to the fabric department to see what they had in the way of quilting fat quarters. In my head I thought a few small pieces of brightly patterned cotton would be perfect for a simple bag or pillow case. Nothing fancy. Just straight seams. That would be easy enough, right?

You know what? It was!

(insert totally shocked face here)

IMG_5899-001 Continue reading »

Sewing For Dummies

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WOW Summer 2016 Edition

This week we are trying some sewing.

Wish me luck!

I’m serious! I am not the best sewer in the world and so this has the potential to end very badly!!

My Plan

  1. Get their creative juices primed by making a sewing box. The eldest was given one for her birthday a few years ago and the younger ones have decided to share a box. Phew! Only one mess to deal with then!
  2. Buy fabrics of their choice to create a super simple project with.
  3. Find a super simple project! This is proving to be harder than I thought but I’m not giving up yet.
  4. Go over the rudiments of sewing – tools involved, hand stitching techniques, sewing machine basics, etc.
  5. Let them loose!
  6. Drink heavily!

That’s all I have time for today as I have some serious mental preparation to do before attempting to teach these girls how to sew! Yikes!

Cooking Lessons and a Recipe Share

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WOW Summer 2016 Edition

Welcome to another Wednesday where I share something other than cards or scrapbook layouts.

This summer I seem to be sharing posts on “how to fail at teaching kids life skills” more than anything else. Sigh.

Last week I attempted to teach the girls basic kitchen skills. The lessons were going well for a bit. They liked the scavenger hunt through all my kitchen utensils and came up with some pretty creative uses for some of them! But once we came to the actual cooking part of the lesson plan I was met with a wall in the form of my 7 year old.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. This child will be expecting her cereal and milk to be poured for her at University! The title of Princess is not strong enough to convey how much of a grasshopper she is! Definite CEO material! Let the ordinary man scramble for every cent while she sits back and is handed stacks of cash on silver trays by oiled men in tunics. That Tongan flag bearer comes to mind!

Where did I go so wrong??

Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but not by much!

But back to the subject at hand.

In my research for the written material I provide my girls (yes, I probably should have been a teacher instead of a … whatever it is I am!) I came across instructions on how to boil an egg. I know, not rocket science, right? But hey, turns out I’ve been doing it wrong all these years! Continue reading »

Finding Motivation

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WOW Summer 2016 Edition

Complete honesty here … I don’t really want to do this anymore.


Perhaps it was the topic I’d chosen (cleaning – blech), but my girls don’t seem to be into it anymore either.

All they want to do is get to the baking lessons (insert horrible nightmares of flour and egg covered kitchen here!)

All those carefully prepared lesson plans are staring at me from my desk blotter. Mocking me in fact!


On the bright side though, did you know that you can find anything on the internet? I mean it! I’d written up a lesson on the steps involved in hand washing dishes (because, you know, I’m Old School!) and while searching for a related topic, found a blog post which almost word for word matched what I’d just written! Creepy, right?

Then I thought the girls were going to actually have to put my words into action as our dishwasher chose that day to spew water all over the kitchen. Irony at it’s best! But it turned out I had loaded something onto our top rack incorrectly.

Shh! Don’t tell anyone! My instances of doing things incorrectly are few and far between!!


Oh well, back to work! Wish me luck as I attempt to teach my girls how to boil an egg!

Getting Back On Track

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WOW Summer 2016 Edition

Happy Hump Day!

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, my Mummy’s Camp plans got a bit derailed! I blame the cruise. WAY too much fun making flubber and meeting Ariel to want to spend time learning about how to make a hospital corner!!

Oh well, time to regroup and get back at it, right?

Before we left on the cruise the girls learned a lot about preparing for a trip and also some handy skills to have while on a trip. I had prepared lessons for the week we were on board and while some were touched on, most were not. Today we are reviewing all those and moving forward with new lessons. I’ll talk about those next week.

Things that went right on board:

On our way to the cruise ship we read through the Monday lesson and talked about safety protocols. Our youngest is seven and very adventurous. The part about NEVER CLIMBING THE RAILINGS was specifically for her! LOL! Continue reading »