Grown Ups Can Water Colour Too

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Make it Monday with Alison Day Designs2.png Welcome to another Make It Monday post.

Oh, and welcome to Summer! For those of us up here in the Northern Hemisphere anyway. The sun did greet us today after a gloomy weekend. I take it as a good omen!

Today I am sharing with you my latest adventure.

Water colours!

As you’ll see in this video, I have a super duper expensive set that I’ve been using. Yep, no expenses spared on this making of this blog post! Take a look …

And here are the cards I mentioned at the beginning of my video.

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Taking a Look Back at LOAD516

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LOAD516 class image

Happy Saturday everyone!

What’s on your crafting table today? It’s raining where I live and I’ve managed to get rid of two kids plus my husband for most of the day so besides the Father’s Day card that’s half finished, I am finally ready to share the layouts I created during last months LOAD challenge.

I know, I know, LOAD has been over for weeks but hey … every now and then, life gets in the way of crafting around here. Gasp!

Instead of a physical flip through of my layouts, I went with a slideshow – enjoy! Continue reading »


Maintaining Continuity When a Project Drags On

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Happy Saturday everyone!

It’s the weekend … finally! I’m not sure what that signifies in your house, but around here it means chores, birthday parties, field hockey, soccer, more field hockey, and hopefully, some crafty me-time. I’m lucky that I can get into my Scrap Cave whenever I want during the week as I am home with the kids right now. I am working strictly from my stash though as the budget doesn’t allow new purchases. This can create different challenges and today I’d like to share one solution to prevent burn out.

This post is also about how to keep things interesting and feeling fresh when you’re working on a project over a significant length of time.

These two challenges came together recently as I was working on my youngest daughter’s First Year album. I explain what I mean by that pretty well in my video introduction so let’s get right to it.

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LOAD516-24 – Gather All The Pretty Papers!

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LOAD516 class image

Welcome to Day 24 of LOAD516!

My humble apologies for this post not going live with prompt. I was confused and thought I was up tomorrow! Oops!

I completely blame my insanely busy weekend! When you are as old as I am you should just know that you can’t possibly hope to function on 4.5 hours sleep!! It messes you up for days!

But, moving on …

Today’s prompt was about what makes you feel confident or courageous and I freely admit, if I feel like I look like a million bucks, then I can act like it too! Here’s my process video in which I explain that a whole lot better and show you how I gathered all my favourite and pretty things to make my layout.

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LOAD516-18 - Take a Seat by Alison Day

Stash Busting – Off-Cuts and Branding Strips

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If you’re a paper scrapbooker like me, then you probably have a love hate relationship with manufacturers. It’s great that they don’t take away from the gorgeous 12×12″ patterned paper by adding a bar code and other identifying marks onto the paper, and it’s fun that they are now starting to add a patterned strip on the opposite side to said bar code and branding, but … then what? What do you do with all those cute 1/4″ strips of paper?

I keep mine safely in a drawer “for future projects”. You know the type of drawer I’m talking about, right? The type where good intentions go to die?

Not anymore!

I’m here to show you how to break out all those strips and use them on a layout! In fact, use them to create the background of a layout. Take a look.

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LOAD516-11 Crunching The Numbers

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LOAD516 class image

Welcome to LOAD516 Day 11!

How are you doing so far? There have been so many lovely layouts in the gallery, so I’m thinking you guys are rocking it!

Today I am back as the Featured Scrapper with a prompt about how much things cost. Since I give a pretty good explanation at the beginning of my video, I think I’ll just get right to it!

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Principles of Design – Part VI: Unity and Harmony

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Design Principles header image

Wrapping up our Design Series and bringing it all together.

The last principle is kind of a cheat. It’s the over arching concept behind this whole series. So far we have talked about how to create balance in your layouts, how to move people across your page by creating rhythm, how to draw your viewers eyes to one particular aspect of your page with emphasis, how to make sure the proportions of your layouts are kept balanced, and how to play with scale to keep things interesting on your layouts. I assigned you homework and then tackled it myself – just to show you it can be done! I’ve still got my layout with large scale pattern to make, but I showed you how I chose the papers I wanted to work with and then used them to create a layout with a small scale pattern in the background, and one with a medium scale patterned background.

Today I have a whoppingly long video to share to demonstrate our last design principle.

Principle #6 – Unity and Harmony

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