Getting Ready to LOAD up!

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This is traditionally my day to write a Words on Wednesday post so I decided to take this opportunity to tell you all about my experience with LOAD.

What is LOAD?

LOAD is short for LayOut A Day and is a month long challenge in which the participants are emailed a daily prompt designed to help them create a new scrapbook layout every day. My first LOAD was May 2011 and I completed nine layouts. That probably doesn’t seem like a lot when it’s a challenge spanning 31 days (and 31 prompts) but considering I had three kids under the age of 6 in the house AND my husband and I got to go away for a whole week by ourselves, I’d say that was pretty good!

My next LOAD was in February 2012 and this time I finished 28 layouts. It was a leap year which means I missed one day somewhere but I think 28 out of 29 is pretty darn good! Here’s a look at my finished pile. Continue reading »

LOAD216 – Days 1 – 5 Roundup

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There are so many different challenges out there designed to encourage you to get into good habits. Have you tried any of them?

But the original (for me anyway) is the LOAD challenge!

Create a scrapbook layout every day for a month. And it’s happening right now!

I have participated in so many over the years. Even if I don’t always make a layout every day, I still love making what I can, seeing how Lain’s prompts get me to look at my stories in a different way, and stretching my style with new techniques. I’m excited to be up to date so far this time!

Here are my first five days of layouts … Continue reading »

Stash Secrets Every Pirate Should Know

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Ahoy there Mateys! Ruth “Parrot Charmer” Pimples ‘ere with a special LOAD post for ye.

By now ye no doubt got a pile o’ paper scraps from all yer layout makin’, right? Arr! Not a problem! Cast yer eyes on the video below for some ideas on corralin’ that mess!

Alison here as I can’t possibly keep up the pirate lingo!! Let’s recap:

1. 12×12 Paper Storage

12x12 paper storage racks

I scooped up these racks from a friend when she got out of the paper scrapbooks and went 100% digi. Can you say ‘score’?!

Not everyone has access to something like this I know but separating your 12×12 papers from your scraps can help you keep track of what you have to use up! For me, arranging them in rainbow colour order makes me happy and makes it super easy to grab the colour of paper I need.

2. 8.5×11 Paper Storage

8.5x11 paper storage

I make a lot of card so like to have a stash of 8.5×11 paper on hand for card fronts and bases. The easiest way I’ve found to store them so far is standing upright on a shelf. I can easily see what colours I have and grab what I need.

If you’re worried about them curling or getting bent, try putting them in those cardboard magazine holders places like IKEA sell.

3. Paper scraps

I’ve got two main places I keep my paper scraps.

paper scraps drawer - card stock in a separate bag

First up – this is my paper scraps drawer. It sits under my work surface so I can access it as I work. I’ve separated the card stock scraps from the patterned paper ones to make it easier to find exactly what type of scrap I need.

paper scraps drawer - patterned paper close up

I do not organize these scraps at all. Last used will be on top unless I’ve just been hunting through it then it’ll be completely random. When I can no longer close the drawer it’s time to sort through it all and get rid of scraps I know I will no longer use. They usually go to my three daughters (and then end up all over my family room floor but that’s a story for another day!)

Gossamer Blue kits paper scraps

The other place you’ll find scraps in my Scrap Cave is here – my Gossamer Blue paper scraps. To be honest, I’m not sure why I’m continuing to keep them separate like this. I guess when I get a new kit I prefer to reach into this stash if I need extras for my projects that the latest kit hasn’t supplied. That way when I post the layout to Flickr I know that all the products on it originally came from Gossamer Blue, even if they weren’t in that months kit.

4. 6×6 Paper Pads

6x6 paper pad storage

I think this is my favourite!

When I purchased my desk (Pottery Barn) back in 2008 I did not envision storing my 6×6 paper pads here (mostly because that was before I started scrapbooking) but when I went about re-doing it this past summer I knew these cubbies would be perfect for them! I can sit at my computer watching YouTube videos and work on some cards.

And every time I look at all those little pads of cuteness I smile! How can you not?

Okay, that’s it. That’s how I keep my Scrappy Stash corralled and working for me. How do YOU store your papers? Share in the comments. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas!

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Saying Goodbye to Summer With a Tag

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We have had a long and glorious summer here on the West Coast of BC. The sun has shone, the rains have stayed away, and the mercury has been in the upper 20’s to 30’s since about mid-May. Unheard of really! We are fondly called the Wet Coast after all!

But all that changed last week and now that the calendar has officially flipped to September, Mother Nature seems to be making up for it. Rain. Lots of rain! Wind storms that have left some communities without power for up to three days. And a dip in the temperature that is hard to adjust to after all that heat. Brr!! I actually switched out the girls clothes today. Good bye summer shorts. Hello fleecy pajamas!

So what better way to keep the sun shining (if only in my dreams) than to make some fun Summer Themed tags for a ScrapHappy Tag Swap.

Scraphappy Summer 2015 Tag Swap tags by Alison Day Designs

Here’s a quick look at how they came together.

1. Cut your tag shapes.


Or use pre-cut tags if you have them. I just didn’t have any in the size I wanted so I made these from a piece of Kraft coloured card stock. I think they are 3.5″ x 5.5″.

2. Distress them.


I wanted them to have a distressed, sort of beach vibe so I grabbed my Picket Fence Distress stain from Ranger. This next picture is what NOT to do.

Slap it on.


Distress stain works best slightly wet so …

3. Spray your tag with water BEFORE applying the stain.


My spray bottle is from Stampin Up but any will do, as long as it delivers a fine mist. If you’re interested, check out this one from Ranger. I’ve used it too and it’s fantastic!


4. Apply Distress Stain to your work surface.


I use the Ranger Craft Mat as it is non-stick and super easy to wipe clean. Glue, stamping, stains, paint, everything just wipes away so easily!

After applying the stain I gave it a quick squirt with my spray bottle. The water helps the stain move around so it applies more easily and gives you a softer look which is what I was going for on these tags.

5. Swish your tag through the stain.


That is a highly technical term for applying paint to a surface! LOL!

Your tag should look like this when you’re done.


6. Create your embellishments while your tags dry.


Of course, I forgot to take photos of this process so here are the finished embellishments. I dug into my scrap drawer and found a sheet of My Mind’s Eye paper that had muted Polaroid prints on it. I cut out three and used them for the rest of my embellishments. The popsicles were on a piece of Echo Park (?) paper so I fussy cut them out. And the umbrellas were on a piece from Crate Paper.

Remember my Summertime themed cards? I used the ‘sunshine’ die cut from the August Simon Says Stamp kit as well as the October Afternoon stamp set from my August Gossamer Blue kit to create the rest of the scene.

And now those little pieces of summer sunshine are off to smile down on three of my ScrapHappy Sisters!

Hope the sun smiles on you today!


ScrapHappy is Turning 4!

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Quick post to let you all in on one of my biggest Scrapbooking Secrets …


It’s a community of like minded (read: scrap-obsessed) women started by Lain Ehmann of Layout A Day fame. We’ve got a private Facebook Group where we all chat about so much more than what’s on our craft table. There was a Family Reunion this past weekend in Pheonix Arizona that I was hoping to go to but other commitments (wedding in Scotland!! Yee Haw!) prevented me from attending. 2015 Baby!! I. Am. THERE!!

There’s a lot more but rather than me spout on and on, why don’t you just click on this link –  SH bday 2014 – and read all about it for yourself.

There’s a sale on memberships going on and a FREE download at the bottom.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the family!!

Happy Birthday to Hugh!

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More birthday celebrations on the blog today. This one is to celebrate Hugh Jackman’s 44th birthday!!

Say what?!

Why Hugh you ask? Well, the wonderful Super Lain Ehmann has a little thing for Hugh – which all of us in her scrapbooking community, ScrapHappy, know about – and she’s a giver so … it totally makes sense that she wants to give out a super discount to others for no other reason than it’s somebody’s birthday. She’s awesome like that!!

I have been hanging with Lain and a lot of my other ScrapHappy sisters (plus hundreds of other scrappy types) this weekend. It’s True Scrap 5!! A virtual scrapbooking convention!! I have learned a ton already and there are still many more classes to go today. I got up early just to check in for a bit before swimming lessons start!

Why am I telling you all this? Because today she is giving out an awesome discount to True Scrap 2 – The Spawn of True Scrap. There were 17 instructors including Noell Hyman, May Flaum, Shimelle Lain, Nichol Magouirk, Francine Clouden, Katrina Kennedy and many many more. It is regularly $127 but today (and only today) you can scoop it up for $44. Click  HERE for the entire class list. It was such a great line up of instructors!! Digital layout design, traditional layout design, distressing techniques, album organization, scrap room organization, adding stitching to your projects … and so much more.

To buy this AWESOME package of classes, click HERE and use the code HUNK to claim your 65% discount courtesy of Lain and Hugh!

Thanks everyone – I’m off to get my kids ready for their swimming lessons. If you’re attending True Scrap 5 then I’ll “see” you later. If you’re still not sure what it’s all about but are intrigued, you need to check out this amazing deal from Lain. Then maybe I’ll see YOU in the chat room at True Scrap 6!!

Following my link will give me an affiliate commission which helps me provide YOU great content. 🙂