LOAD218-6 Our Butterbeer Adventures by Alison Day

LOAD218 Days 4 – 7

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Today I’ve got my next batch of LOAD218 layouts for you to see. Each one has a corresponding process video too.


Day 4 – Wandlore

Today’s adventure forced a deeper look at the story and I know I have told a different story than I would have because of how the prompt inspired me. It also meant pulling out my newest products. I don’t have anything from the newest collections that were just showcased at Creativation in Arizona last month, but my stash of Glitter Girl products is still new to me so I had fun pulling more of it out for this layout.

Since I’m showing all the close up photos in the video I’ll just leave you with the full layout. Continue reading »

LOAD218-2 Dumbledore's Office by Alison Day - Double page spread

LOAD218 My Adventures So Far

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Curious to see what I’ve been up to so far for LOAD218? Well, look no further, I’ve got all three layouts for you today, plus their corresponding process videos.


Day 1 – Using Multiple Fonts in Your Title

I forgot to add the close up photos to the end of this video – my apologies! Remedied that in future videos. Here they are for you to see. Continue reading »

Snow Much Fun by Alison Day

Snow Much Fun

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Make it Monday with Alison Day Designs2.png

Welcome to another week of inspiration from yours truly!

Today I have layout to share with you, and as the title of this post may hint, it involves snow! My prompt for this week is to scrapbook about something to do with a Winter Wonderland. Living in Canada as I do, it is only natural that thoughts of winter involve snow, but that is not actually the case where I live specifically. Snow here is the exception in the winter, not the rule. We get it, just not very often and usually not very much at a time. I grew up further north where we DID have snow. A lot of snow! On the ground from Hallowe’en to Easter! I’ll take the long, dark, rainy days over that cold, so very cold winter thank you very much!

But my kids love the snow. A few years ago my father-in-law gifted them ski lessons at Christmas time. When looking for snowy photos to scrapbook for today, I immediately went to my stack of pictures from the day I took them up the mountain. Take a look. Continue reading »

The Great Hall double page by Alison Day

The Great Hall

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Good morning! Happy Saturday!

What’s on your agenda today? Ours includes a club volleyball tournament for the eldest, swimming lessons for the younger two and finally, basketball for the middle. Just your typical quiet weekend around here! (insert massive eye roll – I’m supposed to be focusing on being more BALANCED, RIGHT?!)

Since I clearly will not be getting anything creative done, I thought this the perfect opportunity to share a layout and process video I made back in September and forgot to share with you. Well, that’s not completely true. I filmed the making of the layout back in September and then ran into technical issues adding the voice layover to it so it’s sat on my hard drive unfinished … until now!

This is from our trip in August to Britain and more specifically, when I took my older two daughters to the Harry Potter Studio Tour at the Warner Brother’s lot outside of London. I started off with great energy creating an album (or two) for that day! Life has since got in the way of that project but I hope to come back to it soon.

So, without further ado … I give you


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Family Photos close up 3 - embellishment cluster

Colour Inspiration

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Oh, it has been a long time since I did a Make It Monday post! Not sure I completely remember how! LOL!

What the hell, let’s give it a try!

Make it Monday with Alison Day Designs2.png

When I was planning out my posts for this year, one of the things I did was plan out my Make it Monday posts. As in, I gave myself topics to talk about. Today’s is a colour prompt – Turquoise to be exact. I’ll be honest, I sat looking at my planner for a few minutes thinking “what the heck am I going to do with that?!” So I turned to my trusty inspiration go-to, Pinterest. Did you know you can search up just about anything in Pinterest? So handy! I typed in ‘turquoise’ and this is the image that spoke to me the most. Continue reading »

Balance 2018

Balancing Act

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As a Mum of three young girls and a wife to a busy guy, my life can quickly spin out of control.

Sound familiar?

Whether I’m working full time outside the home or not, the demands of caring for those four super special people tend to leave me tired, out of sorts, and dissatisfied. Tasks are constantly being bumped down the priority list because someone needs picking up from practice, or we ran out of milk (again!), or the laundry is as high as the washing machine, or … you name it!

Getting let go from my full time job in August allowed me time to step back, to evaluate our current state of affairs, and to prioritize our future needs. This has all led to me choosing the word BALANCE as my focus word for 2018. This may all be sounding kind of familiar – I talked about it in Wednesday’s post, perhaps you saw it? At that point I hadn’t created a visual reminder of my word but that has all changed!

Behold, BALANCE … Continue reading »

Hello 5 Months by Alison Day Designs

Hand Cut Titles – Friend or Foe?

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#the20project with Alison Day Designs

Welcome back to my version of The 20 Project.

To find out more about The 20 Project please visit Shimelle Laine’s blog. This is her concept that I am using as inspiration to get my own projects finished while challenging myself along the way. Shaking up the ordinary processes. Working out the cobwebs. Rediscovering old products. It is all going to happen during this project!

If this is your first visit to my blog then welcome, and if you’d like to check out all the posts in this series you can start here. At the end of that post is a link to the next one so you can keep going until you reach the end or today’s post – whichever is sooner. Enjoy! If you’re inspired to try something similar I highly encourage you to buy Shimelle’s class too. She has some pretty great prompts that I know I don’t have. And heck, she is way more interesting to watch than I am!! LOL!

Today the bowl prompted me to use a hand cut title on my layout. Gack! I love my Thickers and other letter stickers so much I hardly ever think about using something other than that. So this week’s challenge was just that – a challenge! Not one to shy away though, I got stuck in.

See for yourself how it came together.

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