Cooking Lessons and a Recipe Share

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WOW Summer 2016 Edition

Welcome to another Wednesday where I share something other than cards or scrapbook layouts.

This summer I seem to be sharing posts on “how to fail at teaching kids life skills” more than anything else. Sigh.

Last week I attempted to teach the girls basic kitchen skills. The lessons were going well for a bit. They liked the scavenger hunt through all my kitchen utensils and came up with some pretty creative uses for some of them! But once we came to the actual cooking part of the lesson plan I was met with a wall in the form of my 7 year old.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. This child will be expecting her cereal and milk to be poured for her at University! The title of Princess is not strong enough to convey how much of a grasshopper she is! Definite CEO material! Let the ordinary man scramble for every cent while she sits back and is handed stacks of cash on silver trays by oiled men in tunics. That Tongan flag bearer comes to mind!

Where did I go so wrong??

Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but not by much!

But back to the subject at hand.

In my research for the written material I provide my girls (yes, I probably should have been a teacher instead of a … whatever it is I am!) I came across instructions on how to boil an egg. I know, not rocket science, right? But hey, turns out I’ve been doing it wrong all these years! Continue reading »

Rainbows and Princesses Hurrah!

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Words on Wednesday

Welcome to Words on Wednesday for March 30, 2016.

It’s officially 6 months til my birthday. Or, as my kids are fond of saying, my half-birthday. Woot! Do I get a cake?

Speaking of cakes, did you see my recent attempt at a Rainbow Cake on Instagram?

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For Your St Patrick’s Day Feast

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Words on Wednesday

Welcome to Words on Wednesday for March 16, 2016.

Tomorrow is the day that the entire world (or maybe it’s just those of us in the Americas that miss our homeland and try in vain to hold onto anything remotely resembling Old County Traditions) wears green, drinks green beer, and generally goes green crazy. As I am a purebred Scot, I of course embrace this holiday for all it’s worth. In my own way that is. I don’t hold with Leprechaun traps (leave the poor guys alone) and don’t give my kids chocolate gold coins (as IF they need more chocolate in their diet) but I will, and do, make Irish stew and drink a Guinness!

On Monday I mentioned in my video about making colcannon which is mashed potatoes with cabbage and bacon. I know, it sounds a bit weird and when I first read the recipe I was unsure too. But it got rave reviews from my kids … my KIDS people! So it now comes out every year.

Here’s the recipe … Continue reading »

Chicken Spaghetti – A Recipe From My Family to Yours

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Words on Wednesday

Welcome to Words on Wednesday for February 3, 2016.

We have just finished dinner at our house – soft beef tacos, yum – and it made me realize that I’d forgotten to write this post. Say what?!

Writing it in my head doesn’t seem to count, somehow. Go figure!

Today I wanted to share a recipe from our Family Favourites recipe box. Chicken Spaghetti. Continue reading »