Baby Album Philosophy

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Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday. What are you up to today? Me? I’m hanging out at the girls school all day. My eldest daughter is in Grade 6 which is when they go to an overnight camp. Which also means their parents get to work their butts off raising money to reduce the out of pocket costs for each family. How is it that the parents have to do all the work?!


Anyway, long story short, I get to spend all day at the school taking delivery of a GIANT frozen pies and cookie dough order and then organizing them and handing them out. I predict a giant glass of wine will be needed after dinner!!

But I didn’t want to leave you hanging so today I just have a quick video share for you. It’s the next step in my album reorganization. It’s also a tiny bit embarrassing to show you how neglected my poor youngest daughter is (not at all really!! That child is spoiled!!)

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Inside Look

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Make it Monday - pinkWelcome to another Make It Monday!

You may be coming here from Alice’s site where she tells us that broken bones can lead to creative scrapbooking. Hmmm … I’m intrigued, how about you?

Today I am bringing you Part II of my series on album Organization – Layouts to Memory Books. In Part I you saw my dirty little secret – stacks and stacks of layouts with no albums! I’d love to say that I have made a huge dent already and my dining room table is mostly cleared off but that simply wouldn’t be true. I am amazingly good at letting other things distract me from tough jobs!

In an attempt to make that first dent, I decided to tackle just one album. An album with a theme, not a yearly chronicle or anything massive like that! So, here’s a look at the album about our trip to Disneyland in 2012. Continue reading »