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Make It Monday Fall blog hop graphicIs it Monday again already?! I don’t know about you, but life in my house right now is sort of insane. Having 3 kids has always kept us hopping but since our youngest started Kindergarten last month, and all the after school activities being 5 allowed her to participate in, our busy-ness turned up about 1,000 notches!! This weekly blog hop that I am lucky enough to participate in seems to be the only thing I am managing to post to my blog right now. Yikes!

You should have arrived here from my friend Alice Boll over at Scrapbook Wonderland. She has an adorable card for a little girl. Bonus… it’s a gift too!  Continue reading »

A MotherLOAD Layout!

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I have been a bit disappointed in myself for not playing along with the actual LayOut A Day portion of the MotherLOAD class that I’m currently enrolled in. Life has been … well, hectic this month, to say the least! School started up again, Paige had that 2 week painful graduated entry to get through, my Stampin’ Up! business is hogging all my family scrapping time … you see? Hectic.

But yesterday I made a commitment to myself to do something creative everyday. Whether that be a Stampin’ Up! sample for a workshop or swap, or (hopefully) a scrapbook layout for our family albums, I just need to create! I miss it! I need it!!! So, last night at 10:00PM I headed into my craft room, put on the latest Mind Aware Teleseminar replay, pulled out my notebook with those lists of LOAD prompts, grabbed a snack bag and got busy. Within an hour I came up with this.

I tell ya’, Lain Ehman is a genius! Those snack bags were such an awesome idea! It had the journalling tags, the felt flowers, the brads and the buttons in it which didn’t seem like a lot at the time I made them up, but boy did they ever make my life easier last night!

Here’s a close up of the title block.

And another close up of the journalling block. The letter stickers and this little birdie plus the word stickers are Bella Blvd (as is the patterned paper).
Now, I make no promises to start creating a layout a day following Lain’s prompts (a month behind schedule?) but this was fun and I will definitely do it again soon! 

MotherLOAD Week 7

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I received my weekly MotherLOAD email this morning … we’re into week 8 now. Hmmm … I finished the layout for week 7 yesterday … Oh well. Life has been busy and taken a turn for the crazy(er). While I have been spending hours in my scrap room/office, it’s mostly been reading up on Stampin’ Up! stuff, trying to figure out their site and learning about the fine art of Direct Sales. Ugh. Not sure I’m really cut out for all this cold calling and stuff but I’m doing my best to give it a shot.

But back to Week 7 … we were to create a layout that conveyed a theme or emotion without using words. Here is mine, can you guess what my theme/emotion is?

If you guessed “play” you are correct!
Ways this says play: bright colours, diagonal placement of the circle elements (putting things on the diagonal suggests movement – there, my interior design training just paid off!! LOL!) and the circle elements themselves. Marley said they look like bubbles and while that wasn’t the intention, she’s right. This also adds to the playfulness of the layout, don’t you think? I didn’t add a title because I didn’t feel it needed one. Sometimes, I think you can get away with no title. Let the pictures and your journalling speak for themselves.
And speaking of journalling, here’s a close up of mine.
Products used: Cardstock – Bazzill (yellow) and scraps (white); Patterned paper – Bella Blvd and AC; Cicles – punched with my Cuttlebug (it’s for sale on Craigslist if you want it!) and the Nestabilities circles. 

For week 8 Lain is talking about Inspiration and how we can get overwhelmed with our inspiration – too many ideas, too much product, too many photos. Check out this great post from layoutaday.com about burnout.  It is so timely as I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and not in a scrapping “mood”. Since doing all those Apron Strings challenges in July, I’ve barely scrapped anything. I’m falling behind on my MotherLOAD work, I’ve printed the pictures for my July P12 layout but done nothing with them and my OLW … well, the less said about THAT the better! Earlier in the summer I signed up for Big Picture Classes Big Idea Festival so now I’ve got more projects that aren’t getting done. Yes, I suppose I could be a teensy bit over stretched! 🙂 Add to that the fact that I’ve now signed up with Stampin’ Up! and am trying desperately to learn all I can about the company, their products (I’m mostly familiar with them already thank goodness!) and the business of being a demonstrator for them. It’s a ton of stuff firing at me at the same time. No wonder I’m feeling overwhelmed!

Anyway, I’m going to try and get into my craft room today to do some scrapping – if the girls will play nicely! I had an hour to myself last night to get some sales calls made and the promise of another hour tonight to make some more, so I think I can put aside the crafting business in favour of the crafting business for a bit. Wish me luck!

MotherLOAD Catch up.

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I’ve been doing my MotherLOAD assignments but I’ve just plain old forgotten to post them. Whoops! I’ve also been SUPER preoocupied with other stuff that I am hoping to post about soon. I’m just not sure yet what form that post will take so stay tuned …

Back to MotherLOAD. I last posted about Week 4 where the theme was “use what you love, lose the rest”. Week 5 we were talking about cutting corners – not literally, but in a more “scrapping faster” kind of way. We had taken notes about our usual scrap process in Week 3 and now we were to revisit those notes and find ways to shave off time. To be honest, I’m not sure where I’m wasting time. I’ve gotten into the habit of pre-printing a whole stack of photos at once so when I want to scrap something, they are ready to go. I do sometimes spend forever picking my papers – trying to find the “perfect ones”. So I can endeavour to make decisions faster there. Harkening back to my Embracing Imperfection workshop, I can embrace what I have and use it. Perfect or not. Oh, and through the process of using my old stash during Apron Strings July challenges, I now am more intimately acquainted with my stash so digging through it to find the right papers doesn’t take nearly as long! I can also get bogged down in photo and embellishment placement but if I find I’m having trouble, I know that turning to a sketch can be a real life saver.

Lain challenged us to create a layout in only 30 minutes. Set a timer and go for it! I created this.

When I’d finished I actually had to check my phone (I was using it’s alarm clock) to see if I’d set it correctly as I was sure I’d gone over the 30 minutes but the alarm hadn’t gone off. Clearly something was wrong with my phone! But no. It took me 29 minutes to complete this!

Products used: Cardstock – Bazzill; Patterned paper – DCWV Nana’s Nursery Baby Girl stack; Journalling tabs – Jillibean Soup Journalling Sprouts Circle in Brown and Colorbok Sticky Journal Stax Pastel Baby; Alpha’s AC Thickers Stroll Glossy letter stickers and Jewelry Box Chipboard number stickers; glitter embellishments – from stash, manufacturer unknown.

In Week 6 we started focussing on Journalling and the challenge was to start our layouts with the journalling. Plan for it from the beginning so as to ensure there was enough room and that everything else supported it. I was so inspired I actually made 2 layouts (I’m a keener that way!) When I was looking at the stack of photos from our trip to the PNE in 2009 I knew I wanted to include a page about it in Paige’s album but most of the pictures were of Marley on rides. What to do? Make two pages!! One for Paige’s album and one for Marley’s. I started by writing down my journalling for both in my new notebook dedicated to such things (another Lain prompt) and then transferred it to some Basic Grey paper which I cut out on my Cuttlebug.

Here’s the layout for Paige.

Products used: Cardstock – Bazzill; Patterned Paper – Nana’s Nursery; Scalloped cardstock – from stash; Alpha’s – EK Success Sticko dimensionals Large Black Foam; Butterflies, hearts and circles cut out with Marvy punches from scraps of Nana’s Nursery and black cardstock; Flowers – Heidi Grace dimensional flowers Day Dream Believer; Word stickers – Bella Blvd Sunny Happy Skies and Plastino; brad – from stash.
And here is Marley’s.

Products used: Cardstock – from stash; Patterned paper – Echo Park Dots and Stripes and Bella Blvd Sweet Celebration’s Stardust, Hello Beautiful’s Borders and Blocks (the B-side) and Swing Into Spring’s Rainbow Ribbons; Arrow – Basic Grey Element Stickers from Sugared; Labels and stickers – EP Dots and Stripes, Bella Blvd Plastino and Firty; Punches – EKSuccess Open Scallop and corner rounder.

Well there you have it. The other thing I wanted to share with you today was my continued efforts to reorganize my scrap space. While the girls were at Granny Camp and Greg was laid up recovering from his “procedure” I got busy in the office. Greg and I actually share the space but I think I am slowly pushing him out! 🙂 As my stash takes up more and more room, his computer gets more and more hidden. If my new business venture (hint, hint, hint) takes off, he may have to leave altogether so we can claim that office as a tax write-off. We’ll see.
Anyway, here are some pictures of the new space.

A friend of mine was getting rid of all her scrapbook supplies and I snapped up this paper rack and the Clip It! display. I love, love, love being able to see all my cardstock and my most used papers!! I also love how the new arrangement has opened up the space. Even though the amount of stuff remains the same in there, the new configuration allows for much more ease of access. Always a good thing!

I used to have to move this 3-drawer unit all the time to access the lower shelves of one of my bookshelves. No more! Now I can grab alphas as I’m working or rummage for ribbon to match my project. The added bonus of having all those tempting rolls of ribbon effectively hidden from LC is AWESOME!!!
I managed to get all the stickers and rub ons from my bin onto the Clip it … now the bin has another use!!

This is where I moved my bookcase to. I used to have all my final Interior Design project boards tucked into this corner but they are destined to find a new home somewhere else. Currently they are still hanging out in my living room … but soon I will move them! Maybe the garage. Maybe the bedroom – where the giant vase with all my rolls of drafting paper and old projects went. The boxes in front of the big bookcase have (from the bottom up) fabric and other sewing supplies for when I get my sewing machine fixed and start sewing again (HA!!!), old scrapping supplies that will be going to Paige’s kindergarten class, and miscellaneous “stuff” that is still waiting for a permanent home.

Take a close look at that middle box. It used to hold my stickers and rub ons. Can you see what it holds now?

Oh, and a view of Greg’s little corner. Yup, it pretty much looks like this on any given day. And nope, the mess is not mine!
Well, thanks for tuning in again. I’ve got a big day tomorrow so I’m going to head to bed now. I will try to get back on here on Sunday and let you in on my little secret. Until then, have a great weekend!

OLW July and MotherLOAD Week 4

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I managed to convince Greg to take the girls to the drop-in at Delta Gymnastics (thanks Colleen!!) so while I have the house to myself I thought I’d better post about  the work that went on in my craft room this weekend. And today. But mostly over the weekend! 🙂

First up, was One Little Word. At the beginning of July I got caught up on the past few months of homework assignments (see this post here) and I’ve been working on July’s assignment all month. Let me explain. The task was to pick 9 songs that comprise a soundtrack of our Word as it applies to us right now. This was tricky for me. I love music and music can generate such a wide range of feelings in me. Greg and I have mostly widely differing tastes in music! He likes the new, edgy Rock/Alternative stuff (with a healthy dose of the 80’s and 90’s in there too – gotta keep those highschool memories alive!) while I tend towards more Rock/Pop/Country genres. It may be jouvenile for me to rock out to Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears but it gets those happy hormones flowing and that’s really what music is all about for me. Plus, the girls “get it” too so we can dance around the house together!

My word is Release and when I Googled “release” and “song titles” all I got was a huge long list of various artists album and/or song release dates. Which I kind of figured was going to be the case. So I went to plan B. I opened up iTunes and pulled up “most played” and went shopping for the tunes that spoke to me. Out of my list of 17 or so, I slowly worked on narrowing it down to 9. Then we were to make up little canvasses using our song titles and some lyrics from the song which spoke to our word.

Here’s what I came up with … initially.

And then in the divided protectors.
But imagine my horror to notice while editing my photos that I misspelt a word on my #7 tag!
I quickly redid it and here are the close ups.

1. Hung Up by Madonna
2. Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna
3. Come What May from the Moulin Rouge Sountrack

4. Raise Your Glass by P!nk
5. Don’t Speak by No Doubt
6. F**kin’ Perfect by P!nk

7. Uprising by Muse
8. Intervention by The Arcade Fire
9. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

Ali asked us to burn our soundtrack to a CD and put it into the album. On my soundtrack are 2 bonus tunes. They are The Landlord’s Walk and Nelson Mandela’s Welcome to the City of Glasgow by Blair Douglas. Both of these are purely instrumental (rockin’ bagpipes and drums mostly) so I figured it was safe to add them as I couldn’t exactly do the lyrics part of the assignment! They speak to my Scottish roots and always bring a smile to my face and a skip to my step.

I found this transparency in my stash and love the words on it. They really evoke everything that I want to invite into my life right now.

And here is the finished spread.
Everyone is back now and bugging me to put them to bed so I will continue this shortly …
Okay, girls are in bed, SYTYCD Canada is on the PVR, life is good.
For Week 4 of the MotherLOAD Marathon we are focussing on using what we love and loving what we use. Don’t those two things go hand in hand? I haven’t done the photo assignment yet which is to take a picture of our favourite ritual but I’ve done the other two assignments.
First up is the layout assignment. We were to dig out that paper or kit that we’ve been saving for a “special” layout and JUST USE IT!! I’ve been hording an entire set of Little Yellow Bicycle’s Zinnia collection waiting for …. not sure what. So, as per instructions, I broke it out and got busy. Here’s what I came up with.
I chose some pictures from our trip to Whistler for our 4th anniversary when Marley was 21/2 and Paige was 5 months old. See her there in the Snuggly? So cute!
But I digress.
When I pulled the papers and put them with the pictures I really wasn’t sure how it was all going to come together. But in the end I love this!
Here are some close ups. First the left hand page. 
The ‘Beautiful’ is an acrylic accent (from one of the many embellishment packs I have for this collection) and the rest of the title was cut out on my Cricut.
The right hand page. 
The quote along the bottom was actually like that in the paper and I loved it, so I cut out that strip and used it to frame the pictures along the bottom. They call the green accent in the top right corner a photo mat but I used it for my journalling.
Some more close ups of the embellishments. 
At the last minute I added the ‘love’ and the number 4 (which is the only thing NOT from the Zinnia collection). I figured since it was our 4th anniversary and we were a family of 4 at that time it was fitting.

These are little fabric stickers and I originally just put them on the paper but it looked too flat and you could barely see the purple ‘love’ one. So (in one of those many embellishment collections) I found these acrylic flowers which I popped up with foam dots and voila! WAY better!

I created these little felt flowers from (you guessed it!) a kit! LOL! Then I added the acrylic leaves.

A closer look at the title work. I put it on top of two journalling stickers to which I added the dates of the weekend.
Okay, the final thing for this evening is the homework assignment. We were to put together 4 “snack packs” which we apparantly will be using later during the Marathon part of this class (yikes!)
Here they are!
Want to see them up close?

Some felt flowers, some little journalling tags …

some bigger journalling tags …

some buttons, some butterflies …

and finally, a rosette.
Can’t wait to break them out!
All right, now to focus on the dancers on my TV right now.
Thanks for checking out my little blog. Remember to leave some love, you never know when it may come back to you!!

Apron Strings Day 12 and MotherLOAD Week 3

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Okay, I’m continuing my crafty streak. Participating in these two challenges this month has been an awesome experience for so many reasons. I’ve been completing lots of layouts for one. I’ve been reacquainting myself with (and actually using) my stash! And I’ve been tackling little organizational projects from my to-do list. And, perhaps the most amazing reason of all, I’ve really been discovering my “style”!

So the first of the two layouts I have for you tonight is a double pager for Apron Strings Day 12. The challenge was to use the given colour scheme and some older kits/papers. Lori also gave us another sketch to help us if we needed it. I’d used it before (Day 6 I believe) and decided to give it another go.

Here’s the colour scheme and the sketch.

And here’s my take on things. 
I’m still digging into those old pictures from when Paige was a baby so these are of my nephew Matthew’s 3rd birthday. In Marley’s baby album I have a layout of Matt’s 1st birthday but I’m thinking I may pull that out and make a separate album for birthday layouts. ‘Cus really, Paige wasn’t a player in the action here just as Marley wasn’t 2 years before so why should these layouts be in their baby albums? We’ll see. Work in progress, as the saying goes!

Here’s a close up of some of the journalling and embellishments. I was still trying to cluster them (as I like to do now) but I admit to feeling a bit restricted by my paper choices and the colour scheme. I like this layout overall but it’s not one of my favourites.

A closer look at the vellum quote I added to the left side.
Sorry for not having individual pictures of the right side and left side. I usually like to do this for double page layouts so you can see more detail but my brain forgot to fully engage while I was taking pictures tonight. 🙂
Products used: purple and green (base) cardstock – Bazzill; all other papers, vellum quote, letter/word stickers and embellishments – ATD Celebrate Brights 12×12 Bundle; Brads and green button – Basic Grey; other buttons – stash; Ribbon – Michael’s Celebrate it basics; Journalling tag – cut from scrap on Cricut with George Basics; Punches – EK Success Swiss Cheese and MS Scallop Dot.

For our MotherLOAD assignment this week we were to pay attention to our process and examine how it may be contributing to or affecting our output. For example, do we always start a layout with the photos or is it the papers? Do we use sketches or not – how do they change the way we approach a layout? To test this out we were to create a layout using our normal process and take notes along the way, how long each step was taking, etc. This was an interesting exercise. I wanted to combine it with the Apron Strings challenge but to be honest, I don’t normally start with a specific colour scheme in mind so I had to create a completely different layout. As I do have a stack of photos sitting out waiting to be scrapped I just grabbed the next ones and got to work. Here’s what I came up with.

I think this is very indictative of how I scrap right now.
When I first started I was so overwhelmed with how far “behind” I was that each layout had to be FULL of photos. There was no room for embellishments and journalling was an afterthought at best. I have calmed down somewhat now. I realize that I may never get “caught up” and that’s okay. I am having fun doing what I am doing and know that I am creating lasting keepsakes. Right now they have huge holes in the timeline of the story but slowly I’ll fill those in. The important thing is to get layouts done not moan about how many I have left to do. As long as I remember to keep backing up my hard drive so I don’t lose all those photos before I have a chance to print them I’ll be okay!!
Obviously, I started with the photos and then went digging for papers and embellishments to support them. This is how most of my layouts start. Even when I have a sketch to work from, I still start with the photos. That’s why a lot of my Project 12 layouts have more photos on them than they’re “supposed to”. I just love photos. I’m a visual kind of person I guess. My journalling is still usually left to last but I am more conscious of it and do try to leave sufficient room for it these days.
Oh, and my new obsession with grouping things prevails here too!

Products used: Grey cardstock base – Recollections 81/2 x 11; Striped patterned paper and the clouds – Bella Blvd Flirty and ??; Grey paper for tag and stars is AC but I don’t remember the line; Labels – cut out on my Cricut using George Basics; Ribbon – Michael’s Celebrate it grosgrain; Alphas – Making memories Cheeky Shimmer Stickers in dark blue; punches – corner rounder and MS Bubble Bath.

The photo assignment for this week was a self portrait. I don’t usually like pictures of myself but … what the hell. Here it is.

Thanks for checking in. See you around!

5 on Friday – July 15th

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I was talking to Greg last night about turning my 5 on Friday into a Week In Review type post as I’m finding it hard to always come up with 5 things to talk about. I also said something about trying to keep it family content only so my family overseas and out of town (with zero interest in my scrapbooking) can know to check in once a week for an update on our lives and not be bombarded with layouts and paper talk.

But …

Today I have very little to talk about besides scrapbooking!!

I fully admit to holing away in my scrap room whenever I can and for as long as the girls will play nicely together. The laundry isn’t folded yet. The dishes get done when I’m preparing dinner (and just get stacked on the counter all day up to then!) The girls are having a ball developing Pixie Hollow to their hearts content and, in Marley’s case, reading about owls and eagles as much as they like. Meals are offered. Snacks are prepared. Diapers are changed. But really, it’s summer so there is little structure and lots of free playtime. As an added bonus the weather hasn’t been overly nice so I don’t feel too terrible NOT taking them to the park/beach/playground/etc.

I suppose it can’t last forever though. LC has been having trouble sleeping lately and I’m starting to wonder if it’s not directly related to how much outside time she’s not getting. Does that make sense? 🙂
Ah the Guilt Trips of Motherhood!

So, what have we been doing this week? Well, I will start with my scrappy stuff and go from there.

1. MotherLOAD Week 2

We’re actually in Week 3 now but I got caught up in other stuff and forgot to post/do my Week 2 assignments. Our photo homework was to take a picture of something that makes us smile. Well, that was easy! LC tortured me for the entire 9 months she lived inside me but since being born she has made us smile every day. Last Saturday we went over to Andrew and Jonina’s for my nephew Matthew’s birthday and she was at it again. Check her out here.

I mean really, how can you help but not smile at that?!
2. Caught on Film!
Yup. That’s a real live Fairy in the Fairy Garden! In fact, she wasn’t the only one we spied.
The costume was Jonina’s when she was a child (made by her Mom might I add – wowzers!)

All the girls had costumes on at some point in the evening. It was hilarious!
Princesses Paige and Sophie were “taking care of” the little fairies. Doesn’t look to me like Fearless Fairy Christine needs any taking care of, does it? Headfirst down the slide! I ask you? Where does she get it from? What’s that you say Aunt Jean? Me?! NEVER!!!

Sadie has such a serious look! She was very serious about holding her dress up while walking too. It was pretty cute! And how she managed to climb the slide with it and not slip, I’ll never know.

Sister Sophie can get big smiles!

The Fairy Garden was getting a little crowded.

Then they were called for cake.
I almost got run over!!

Hard to believe that Matthew is 8. Where have those 8 years gone?!
3 kids apiece for each of us will make the years fly past.
I am so glad they are so close in age and that we live so close to each other. Growing up, Andrew and I missed out on having our cousins around which makes it more meaningful now to see them get along so well together. There really is nothing like family, is there?
3. More MotherLOAD – Organization
Our main homework assignment for Week 2 was to think about how we scrap and how our space is organized and identify any places where these two things get in each others way. I used to scrap in the dining room where my biggest stumbling block was having to clean up everything when people were coming over and we needed to use the dining room to eat in (we have an eating area in our kitchen which is where our family meals are eaten normally.) Stumbling block #2 came along in the form of LC who (as I may have mentioned once or twice – insert unladylike snort here) LOVES to get into everything! It became neccessary to have a door that not only closed but locked.
We are blessed to have a little room tucked off from our entrance that Greg’s computer and my drafting table are in. Since I’d finished my schooling and didn’t see any immediate need for my drafting table to draft on, I turned my half of the room into a scrapbook room. I’ve loved it ever since but it does have some drawbacks. The main one being that everything is so tucked away that it sometimes takes me a half hour or more just to dig out all the papers and product I want to use on a layout. Let’s just say it’s still a work in progress!
I have WAY too much product (what scrapper doesn’t?) and lately was noticing my embellishment drawer wasn’t closing properly. Partly due to too much stuff in it, partly due to the fact that I’d been delving into it so often this month that it had gotten out of control. So for my 15 minute assignment from Lain, I decided to tackle this drawer. Here are some pictures of my progress.
The before shot. This little unit holds about half of my paper (still to be organized/culled), embellishments, ribbon, and so many other little bits and pieces it’s hard to name them all.

This is the offending embellishments drawer!

And the after shot. I switched things around and now that top drawer holds all my alphas (and my embellishments are in my old alpha bin). The little basket on top now neatly sits into the top of the unit and holds all my extra ribbon, embroidery thread and twine.
Here’s my new alpha drawer. Wanna take bets on how long it can look this neat?

My ribbon basket.

And what’s underneath it – my stash of paper bags and some oversized chipboard embellishments.
My new embellishment caddy. When it stored my alpha’s I didn’t have all the dividers in it.

I also took the opportunity to go through my “sticker/rub ons” bin and my “buttons/brads” bin. In the process I found I had a) piles of brads! (really have to start using them on layouts!!) and b) brad packages leaking brads in more than one location of my room. So I opened them all and put them into this little drawer.
May have been a bad idea. Only time will tell!
And last but not least I borrowed an idea from Lain – to have a box by your desk and as you come across something you no longer want/need you pop it into the box. Once the box is full  you send it on to a friend or give it to someone in need who can make good use of it. This is my box o’ goodies which I think I will hang onto until September and give to Paige’s Kindergarten classroom.
Oh, and you may be thinking – wow! She did all that in 15 minutes?! Well, no. What started as “take 15 minutes to clean up the embellishments drawer” turned into “take 3 hours to clean up half your scrapping room”! Time well spent!
The final part of my Week 2 Homework is to do a layout using something found during our cleanup that we’d forgotten about. Haven’t done this yet but … soon.
4. Apron Strings Day 8
The challenge over at Apron Strings for Say 8 was “to use the older kit of your choice and combine it with one of Kailyn’s techniques. She’s got several on the above layout, which may be new to you: the pleated flower, the glitter, the use of more than one patterned paper, even the layering she’s done. ” I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to attempt to make her pleated flower but was having trouble. Well, I finally got something resembling her flowers done and scrapped. Check it out.
On the left was the first attempt which I hated from the get-go. The ones on the left are the ones I used in the layout below. They are admittedly made with more of a rosette technique than a pleated flower but I smushed them to give them more of a flower look. I just realized that I forgot to add glitter to them like Kailyn did …. oh well, a bit late now!

And here is the finished layout.

A close up of one of the flowers complete with brad.
Products used: Green cardstock from my friend Kara; Patterned paper – DCWV Nana’s Nursery Baby Girl, AC Tea Party and Elsie Zoe’s Brainstorm; Fabric paper was acquired at the Clipper Street garage sale last year and I can’t remember the manufacturer anymore, sorry; Journalling card – Colorbok Sticky Journal Stax in Pastel Baby; Phrase stickers – Deja Views Baby Girl Sticker Tablet; Flash card – K&Company Alphabet Cards; Brads – Lush; Chipboard sticker is unknown; Alphas – Thickers Sprinkles Glitter Letter Stickers in white.

5. This just happened

Just to prove that the girls don’t stay indoors ALL the time …

These were taken about a half hour ago. Barbies on the grass and melon for snack.
Ah! Summer!!

That’s all from me today. Have a great weekend everyone. Marley will be participating in the Portraits of Honour ceremony here in Ladner tomorrow and then I hope to visit my sister-in-law’s table at Summerfest in New West’s Grimston Park. Greg will be busy killing himself playing in a soccer tournament this weekend so I think it’s going to be just me and the girls again.
What are you up to this weekend?