What Happens When You Ink an Embossing Folder?

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Make it Monday with Alison Day Designs2.png Welcome to another Make It Monday!

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve managed to get a Make It Monday post up on a Monday! Ah, lazy summer days!

Today I’m taking inspiration from “one of the greats” – Jennifer McGuire. She’s got a fabulous YouTube channel and website that you have to check out!

One of her older videos popped up in the “suggestions for you” sidebar one day and it led down a bit of a YouTube rabbit hole. A fun rabbit hole to be sure, but one I probably shouldn’t have explored on that particular day!

It was this video that inspired the cards I made for today’s post.

Faux Letterpress cards by Alison Day Designs

See them come together in my own video below. Continue reading »

Making a Start With a Plan in Place!

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Welcome to Make it Monday Tuesday!

In all honesty, I started this post on Sunday thinking I would have plenty of time to get everything done but … best intentions and all that! The flip side is, I have a plan! Maybe you didn’t hear me …


I know, I know, it happens so rarely in my scrapbooking.

Are you okay? Do you need a minute?

Did you spit out your coffee all over the monitor?

I do apologize. Wipe it down and let’s continue.

My plan … well, I tell you all about it in the video below, but suffice it to say, it has to do with the album for our recent Disney Cruise. Continue reading »

Quality Over Quantity?

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Make it Monday with Alison Day Designs2.png Welcome to another Make it Monday!

I promised I’d share the cards I made while on the Disney Cruise so that is what I’m doing today. As you may have guessed from the title, I did not make a ton of cards – too much fun being had on board to craft! But hey, every little bit helps when you’ve got two Christmas markets rapidly approaching and a dwindling stock of cards to sell at them, right?

If you need a refresher, you can find my Crafting On the Go kit here.

As far as where I got crafty, here’s the set up in my cabin.


Here’s a video showing what I made.

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All Ready for Mickey and Friends

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Make it Monday with Alison Day Designs2.png Welcome to Make It Monday!

We are arriving back in port today from our week long Disney Cruise to Alaska but I didn’t want to leave you hanging. I’m writing this post well in advance so can’t comment on the cruise as of yet. I’ll leave that for this week’s Words on Wednesday!

Today I wanted to share a little something special I made for the girls before we left Vancouver.

When we went to Disneyland in 2012 I made them each a special book for collecting autographs from all the characters we were going to meet. I can’t find my photos of those books (I think they may have been lost in the Great Hard Drive Failure of 2012) but here’s a shot of the girls holding them.

girls with Rapunzel and their old autograph books Continue reading »

Golden Wedding Card

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Make it Monday with Alison Day Designs2.pngWelcome to Make It Monday!

Today is a very special day for my family. We are embarking on a cruise!

My husbands parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary by treating their children to a Cruise. A Disney cruise no less!

Wow! How lucky are we?

Such a special occasion called for a very special card which I was only too happy to make. It’s not every day you reach such a milestone after all! Your 50th wedding anniversary is called your Golden anniversary so … Continue reading »

It’s a Red, White, and Blue Kind of Day

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Make it Monday with Alison Day Designs2.pngHappy 4th of July!

I know many of my readers are from the States so I wish you a safe and happy Independence Day. Up here in Canada we had our own National Birthday celebrations just the other day. We consider our celebrations pretty awesome but I know that you guys below the 49th do things at a whole other level. So much fun!

As your nations birthday falls on one on my regular Make It Monday posts I wanted to make something special for you. A patriotic birthday card if you will! So Happy Birthday America!

Red White and Blue Birthday Wishes card by Alison Day Designs

I used some Echo Park 6×6 papers from my stash and a ribbon that I do believe came around a Paper Issues package. Never throw anything away! The stars are absolutely ancient! They are Studio Calico chipboard stars purchased on a whim and hardly touched. Don’t judge, we all do it!

That’s it! Go enjoy your holiday!

If you’re not off today, my condolences. Just a regular ol’ Monday then. This too shall pass!

Have a great week everyone!


Written In The Stars

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Make it Monday with Alison Day Designs2.pngWelcome to Make It Monday!

Today’s share is super quick because I know you’d way rather be outside in this gorgeous sunshine, right? I’m so glad June-uary is almost done with! Bring on summer!!

This is a card I made for my old boss. I needed something non-flowery, not pink, but fun to reflect his personality. He had just won Top Store Manager in the entire company so we really wanted something special.

Stars Congratulations Card by Alison Day Designs Continue reading »