LOAD216 Days 27 – 29 Round Up Plus a Recap of the Month

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Something a tiny bit different for this week’s round up of my LOAD216 layouts. I filmed them! The idea came from seeing Paige Evans’s layouts from 2015 (wow! what an amazing artist!! Honestly, if you want to be blown away you have to watch this video!)

And before we get to MY video, here are the last three layouts of the month.

Day 27 – Peeking Out

LOAD27 - Peeking Out by Alison Day Designs

This was our last geography prompt so I pulled out another map paper (this one is Jillibean Soup) and got to work. I must say, I was a bit surprised that I had so many map themed papers in my stash! Guess I love to travel or wish I could do it more often! Continue reading »

Reflections on LOAD216

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Words on Wednesday

You know that feeling after you complete a project, or cross the finish line at a race you’ve been training for? It’s a combination of elation, fatigue, and grief. That’s how I’m feeling right now.

I spent all of February participating in LOAD216 and now I’m not quite sure what to do next. Oh don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things I need to do! Laundry, dishes, that pesky thing called “find a job so we can eat next month” … the list is extensive. But creatively I am blocked.

What the heck is LOAD216?

Continue reading »

LOAD216 – Days 20 – 26 Roundup

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Another week of LOAD (LayOut A Day) is under my belt! Counting today, there are only three days left! I am kind of in awe that I have managed to keep up and have not only created a layout every day for the month of February, but also told some pretty fantastic stories! That’s what I think I love about LOAD the most. The prompts push me to scrap stories from a different view point than I would normally have thought of. Or, they prompt me to tell stories I never thought I had to tell!

This is Lain’s last LOAD but I know our new leader, Alice, is already drumming up some great ideas for LOAD516 this May. If you want in be sure to subscribe to my email list. I’ll let everyone know when sign up starts.

Okay, let’s get to this weeks layouts shall we? Continue reading »

Scrapping Our Stash Blog Hop – In the Frame

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Scrapping Our Stash Blog Hop

Welcome to the February Edition of Scrapping Our Stash!

You may be arriving from Lynn’s site but if not don’t panic! I’ve got a full Blog Hop list for you at the end of this post.

Today I am trying – key word there – to put a dent into my stash of frames. For some reason I’ve been amassing cute little frame elements even though I hardly ever use them on a page. Weird, I know. That’s just the way I roll sometimes!

Here’s a look at most of my stash and what I made with some of it. Continue reading »

LOAD216 – Days 13 – 19 Roundup

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Today is my soon-to-be twelve year old daughter’s birthday party. I am surprisingly relaxed I think! Usually on the night before (when I am writing this) I am in full panic mode. I’m also usually covered in glue as I’m still madly decorating goody bags. But this year my daughter requested that she do everything.

Um … OK! Don’t have to ask me twice!


So she made her own invitations on the computer and handed them out. She rummaged through our “party box” looking for decorations. She wrote up a shopping list for food and supplies, figured out which games she wanted to play, and even put together her own goody bags. Who IS this child?! At first she said that twelve year olds were too old for goody bags, but when I killed her idea of having a bowl of loose candy for munching on during the party she acquiesced to small ones full of candy. Funny how that works! A quick trip to the dollar store for clear plastic goody bags, some cute owl stamps and we had a winner! Today my grand contribution to the party was to drive to the store, buy the food, stamp the owls, die cut them out and attached them to die cut tags. She cleaned and decorated and filled said goody bags.

I’m serious! If it weren’t for the raging hormones, I could totally support this whole “becoming a young lady” thing!

So now I am free to write up my LOAD Roundup post for you all. Not familiar with LOAD? It stands for LayOut A Day and the idea is to create a layout every day for the month of February. Our fearless leader Lain sends us a new prompt every day along with some ideas to get the juices flowing and then it’s up to us. You can see last weeks layouts here and the week before that here. Are you ready to see what I created this week? Continue reading »

LOAD216 – Days 1 – 5 Roundup

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There are so many different challenges out there designed to encourage you to get into good habits. Have you tried any of them?

But the original (for me anyway) is the LOAD challenge!

Create a scrapbook layout every day for a month. And it’s happening right now!

I have participated in so many over the years. Even if I don’t always make a layout every day, I still love making what I can, seeing how Lain’s prompts get me to look at my stories in a different way, and stretching my style with new techniques. I’m excited to be up to date so far this time!

Here are my first five days of layouts … Continue reading »